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In the CNJ Featured Knife Website Series we will introduce, from a non-techy collector’s perspective, different knife related websites. 

Today, we are visiting a collector’s site– the

The site is owned and built by Charles Noyes- a Robeson Cutlery Company collector. When I asked where he got the idea to build his own site, he said,

“I formed the idea for creating my website after finding that of Bob Cargill, a past president of the NKCA and founder of Cripple Creek Knives. Bob’s site really inspired me to create one for Robeson Pocket knives.” 

One of the benefits of having your own collector site is the relationships with fellow collectors, as they typically have close to the same degree of passion for your niche’ as you do. In that regard, Charles added-

“I’ve received a good many queries concerning Robeson items that people own or have recently inherited. Some of them have had interesting knives about which they needed some information. I answer each and every one to the best of my ability. Thus far, they’ve all been appreciative.”

Another benefit is new information can be uncovered. He tells us, “I recently heard from a pair of sisters who’s grandfather had knives made for him by Robeson with the “Arpeako” legend on the handle. I would probably never have known the significance of the Robeson Arpeako knives without the grand-daughters input via my website.”

“I also recently heard from a man that had found a large framed two blade Robeson MasterCraft pocketknife in the wall of a house he was restoring. The knife still had the “NEV-R-BIND OILESS BEARINGS” etch on the master blade. It’s been inside a wall for sixty or seventy years.”

Click on picture of Robeson ShurEdge picture to visit the site.

Robeson ShurEdge

Robeson ShurEdge

A characteristic of collector knife sites is- they are all unique. This site is clean and simple- very straightforward. From a bird’s eye perspective, this site provides history and pictures about an old knife company and the knives they made. 

Right off the bat, Charles dedicates the site and cites his sources- like I said, very straightforward. The options to a visiting collector are detailed in the header menu: History, Photo Galleries (4 pages full), and then special sections for Razors, Ephemera, and Terrier Cutlery Co., their lessor known brand.

To wrap up here, in case you are thinking developing a website is going to be too complicated, Charles addressed this point with,

“I set up my site using the web-hosting site It was relatively easy.”

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