Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way

Life happens. Most of the time it is a good thing, but sometimes it can interfere with other things we want to do.

That’s what is happening to me right now. Got lots of “Knife Things” I want to be doing, but priorities, well they take priority- things like WORK, family, kid’s sporting events, situations, etc., can and do cause us to need to focus on them.

The end result of this is setting fun projects aside until the time is right- such is the situation for iKnife Magazine- one of my Knife Things I wanted to have rolled out by now.

So, for you who are waiting on me to launch iKM- I’ve had to set it aside for the time being. I hope I can pick it back up in the next few months. For now though, I’d like to invite you to visit iKnife Collector for good knife conversation and topics.

I expect to resume posting here at CNJ as often as I can, but for the same reasons, might not be able to post here with the same frequency I have over the last year.

Please feel free to stick your head in over at iKnifeCollector. I’ll probably be there when you do. If not, then don’t hesitate to drop me a note to let me know you stopped by.

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To-Do’s: The Tyranny of the Urgent and then the knife things

Tyranny of the Urgent- the things that require immediate attention. Might be important or might not be. But one thing they are is urgent.

Most of us suffer from the Tyranny of the Urgent, especially on the first day back at work after the holidays. Well, today was that day for me.

My day was full of things I had to get done- appointments to schedule, calls to make, paperwork to do, expenses to turn in….all seemed to be urgent.

In one respect, the last three weeks of work was all pushed forward to today. Before the holidays, I worked really hard to “clear my desk” so I could relax and take off, and then I get back and I’m already behind. Isn’t that the way it is?

I got to the office and started methodically working down my “To- Do” list. I was making significant progress getting the urgent done in order to get to the important.

Urgent doesn’t necessarily mean important.

Once I got the most urgent done, then I was able to do the next item on my “first day back to work” list and this task was important- I mean really important.

I had to go get a cashiers check and get it in the mail.

You know why this particular “To-Do” was so important, don’t you?  I had to pay for the knife I came to terms on over the holidays. 🙂

Hi-resolution pictures transmitted, price discussions ensued and the deal consummated- all electronically, and from 2500 miles away. I love technology.

Now you know why this task was so important- the sooner I got the money sent, the quicker I get my new old knife. Priorities, Priorities.

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Happy New Year!

Our New Year’s Wish

letterwE HOPE the year will be more prosperous- and that we will continue to merit the kind of patronage you favored us with during the old year.

One again we thank you for the consideration you have shown us, we hereby resolve to continue in those policies of business which have met with your favor in the past.

May the New Year’s dawn bring you the kind of cheer that stays right on throughout the year.


A New Year’s message as it appeared in the January 1932 edition of Paine’s Cutlery Journal.

And from all the staff of the Cutlery News Journal, we sincerely echo the sentiment so appropriately expressed to their readers then- to you for 2010!

Happy New Year!

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Holiday Family Time

Life is all about balance. Trying to keep all the important aspects of our lives clearly in focus- best we can.

Last week I shared with you about the CNJ staff all taking off the rest of 2009, and that includes me too now. I’m off investing time with my wife and kids in a Winter Wonderland. And while I did look to see if I could locate a speciality knife shop around where we are- with no luck- we’re spending our time playing in the snow.

I hope you are enjoying your holidays too.

My clan on our snow mobile trip

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Relaxing Sunday afternoon playing knives

Yes, it was a beautiful day yesterday. Fall in the air, leaves changing colors, just right temp- what a day to chill-out. Relax. Enjoy some R & R.

So, what did I do with the day? I spent it playing knives, of course. Yes, I played knives from around 1:00 til 10:00 PM (except for an off and on break to go outside and stand by the fireplace).

The odd thing to most of you is I never touched a single knife.

Instead, I created a multi-media presentation about the Elephant Toenail knife and its history. I know. Call me crazy. But I had a blast. Found knife and cutlery company pics and scans in the deep recesses of my external hard drive I had totally forgotten about.

Had tons of windows up and apps running. I love it! Now to me that is fun and relaxing.

Picture 6

Just a playing and a playing- knife playing, that is.

…and when I finish the ET presentation- I’ll be sure to load on YouTube. I think you’ll like it!

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Have a fun & safe Halloween


My two youngest daughters decided they wanted to carve a couple of pumpkins. Pictured are their knives of choice: Henckels and Cut Co.

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Christmas Catalogs- Do you remember?

SearsCatalogChristmasWishbookDo you remember Christmas shopping from the Sears catalog?

Even though it dates me to say- I do. This was back before shopping malls and decades before online-shopping.

I loved grabbing the Wish Book- the 800 pound “Christmas Catalog”- a marker and then jumping up in my chair to pick out what I wanted for Christmas. Mom told me to circle different things I’d like for Santa to bring me- so mark I did. I wanted that BB Gun, those Hot Wheels, that pair of pajamas, that Rock Tumbler (I was into rocks- I collected them as you know), on and on I would go- for pages. Didn’t know anything about prices or my limit. I just happily complied with my Mom’s instruction.  Then I’d proudly hand it all marked-up back to her.

You may say to yourself about now,  “Scott, where’s this trip down memory lane coming from, especially when it’s only the  beginning of October.” OK, I’ll tell you. Today, I received a Christmas catalog in the mail. I tossed it on my desk without a lot of thought. Later when I sat down at my desk the catalog caught my eye. At that moment I experienced a rush of memories from my childhood. No it wasn’t the Sears Wish Book that caused my flashback- Sears stopped them years ago- instead it was the Christmas catalog from Smoky Mountain Knife Works.

Yes, a knife catalog. Don’t ask me why, but this inch thick, 172 page catalog did the trick. Good to think of my Mom again also. Thanks Kevin Pipes– you made my day. I might just circle a few knives in it before I’m through too.

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Cutlery News Journal Word Cloud

CNJWordCloud2Word Cloud

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My computer & the online knife community


To all my friends here at Cutlery News Journal &




CNJ- YouTube Channel

iKC- YouTube Channel

Thanks Jim Prather for the idea and the cartoon, and for being my friend

Thought I fell down a rabbit hole, did you?

If you are a regular reader of CNJ, you know I intentionally don’t write about “personal” stuff, unless it is somewhat knife or collecting related. I must break my rule in order to tell you why I haven’t been writing to CNJ this week, plus share some exciting news.

You all know I have a house-full of kids who are very sports oriented, well this week we have run all over the beautiful State of Alabama hitting sporting events.

My middle daughter qualified for the State Track & Field Meet. Things started there.  At the end of the contests, she WON FIRST PLACE in the 4X1, then went on to win 4th in both the 200 meter and the 4×400! My wife and I are very proud of her.

At about the same time 7 hours away from the track meet my son was playing in the semi-finals for the State 2A baseball tournament. His team is young and only has one senior. He’s a jr. Last night they won the first game and lost the second. So, here in about 2 hours I’m headed to the third game to see which team makes the finals.

peacockSo, as you can see we’ve been running and playing sports fan. I’m burnt to a crisp and glowing red, but proud as a peacock! 🙂

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