How’s this for an Everyday Carry?

Uncle Jim's everyday carry carved by Ed Olson

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When size matters- now this is a blade!

Looking for an EDC you can use as a multi-purpose blade but want one that is easy to conceal? Then this baby ain’t it.

C.A.S. Hanwei, known for high-end samurai swords, celebrates its 25th anniversary with this massive Shinto sword held by Missy Hillian at the 2010 SHOT SHOW in Vegas.

Specs: Overall length:  39″- Blade length:  27″ Weight:  2lb 5oz

C.A.S. Hanwei Shinto Sword

Photo credit: Field & Stream: Phil Bourjaily;

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Sometimes just having a knife in your pocket will get you in trouble

….when you aren’t supposed to and then are dumb enough to brag about it.

arrestYeah, we all do dumb things sometimes, but even when we don’t- we have to be careful nowadays.

Yesterday, a student made mention to someone he had a pocket knife, and he was overheard. This guy obviously, I’m guessing, wasn’t supposed to have his EDC.

Now he is having the book thrown at him- he was arrested on multiple counts and may end up getting kicked out of school, permanently. I’m not for breaking rules and there are consequences to our actions, BUT, or is it, AND we all make mistakes- even dumb ones sometimes.

The Director of the school declared to the Lynn Daily Item, “I am zero-tolerance. If you want to have something like that in here you are going to be out the door.”

The worse part, as I read it, is the student had it in his pocket, but then he made a second mistake by telling somebody, third- dumb thing- he said it loud enough he was overhead.

The Dilemma of the Everyday Carry Knife

CNJ is still in its Weekend Edition with relatively little “breaking news” on this Sunday, so I want to revisit the Everyday Care Dilemma.

The EDC has received a bit of discussion here at CNJ lately. I didn’t get the Victorinox SwissFlash and I’m not carrying the Case Brothers Toenail I did get. So, I’m back to where I started- without an EDC.

The biggest problem I have with carrying a knife everyday is I don’t encounter very many opportunities to use it. Because of this, I’m not faced with the “if I only had a knife” dilemma. So, to remedy this I must have a knife that is a part of something else I do carry everyday.

It must be-

  • an item I already carry and use everyday
  • an item that will pass through airport scanners
  • an item I want to carry
  • an item with multiple uses
  • Thinking through the items I have on, or with me, at all time- here’s the short list:

    1. Wallet
    2. Keys
    3. Belt 
    4. Shirt & Britches
    5. Shoes
    6. Reading Glasses
    7. Sun Glasses
    8. MacPower Book
    9. Ink Pen
    10. My iPhone

    Wait a minute. Stop the press. I got it! Yes, that’s it!  


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    OK, OK, I am finally getting an EDC


    Last week, one of our CNJ readers posted a comment about me being a uber geek. Now, I need to clear the air of a couple of things.

    While I took no offense, I want to make sure you know I am equally passionate about knives.

    I have to confess though I do get pretty excited about all things Mac (Apple Computers). I have a blast playing on my computer, publishing CNJ, and chatting with fellow collectors on forums, YouTube and by email.

    I also know I tend to foster the geek image as a result of me taking it upon myself years ago to promote the fun of our hobby via the World Wide Web.

    Computer nerd posing as a knife collector

    The members of know a dark secret I shared a few years ago. It is one that has made some folks think I am really just a computer nerd posing as a knife collector. 

    So, in an effort to set the record straight- I’ll tell you too.

    I don’t have an EDC (and never have). I did buy one off eBay specifically as an EDC, but couldn’t bring myself to carry it…it was a used Case XX redbone toenail. I’m just too much of a collector to bring myself to use it.

    Now, if you don’t know what an EDC is I am sorry, but I won’t further embarrass myself by explaining what it is.

    I could sit here and give you all the reasons/excuses for why I don’t have one (travel a lot, don’t get into “cutting” situations often, etc, etc.,), but the EDC situation is a bit more problematic for me because my favorite knife isn’t easily carried in my britches pocket, OK?

    The Problem Is Now Solved

    Well, I think I have solved the problem now. I found a knife I want for Christmas (another one actually). From here out I will be able to hold my head up high around all my knife friends.

    All will now know I am really not a computer nerd posing as a knife collector because I will be a card carrying member of the EDC Club.

    With that said, I’d like to introduce my EDC:


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