Letter to the Editor and A Message to the Older Knife Collectors

lettertoeditorBy now you see why Cutlery News Journal is different than a typical website.

Aside from it being published most every day, written by a knife collector, and oftentimes delves into controversial topics, you have the opportunity to provide direct feedback.

I want your feedback anytime you think I’ve gone off the deep end, not fully considered a matter, or you just want to say, “Amen.”

Recently, one of our fellow older collectors provided feedback expressing his concern after reading The State of Knife Collecting on the Web

Here’s what he said-

 “I just read your January 13th editorial and my head hurts. How are you going to train, educate, or whatever all of us old knife collectors to be able to use these new (web)sites. I am willing to try but it looks pretty complicated.”

If you remember the article offered a glimpse of knife collecting on the web in the future and ways to attract the online knife community who are not members of any association or club.

Message to the older collectors-

I feel compelled to say to you older collectors-  Learn all you want to, but don’t fret. Our hobby is going to be fine- we will carry the torch.

All the previous generations have done a very good job in bringing our hobby forward to today. It is our responsibility to step up now, and we will.

I also have to tell you- I have peeked at the Knife Community Survey trends. And the numbers are very strong for the “younger generation.” 

Also, the number of collectors comfortable with using the web is the majority surveyed to date. Plus, it reveals a number of collectors who can create the web  “things” as we go forward into the 21st Century. Not that the hobby is the web. The context of the article was using the web to attract new collectors.

Thank You

So, allow me to say to all the generations of knife collectors who have gone before us- “Thank You!” To you who are still active- Don’t back off, but don’t feel it is all resting on your shoulders any longer either. And, while we may trip up every now and then, we do have the hobby’s best interest at heart and will do you proud.