CNJ Member Updates

cnjmemberupdatesOne of the benefits to CNJ is- it is a free site. You can come check out the latest articles and knife goings-on without having to pay a monthly subscription, like many online news sites require…

Now don’t worry, that isn’t about to change, but one of my challenges has been- there are times I need to be able to get a message directly through to you, without posting it here on CNJ’s homepage.

emailiconEmail helps us stay connected, and because of this, I started CNJ Member Updates. 

You sign-up with your email address- nothing else.

You can easily un-subscribe at anytime. Hopefully you will never use it, but if you do the instructions will be at the bottom of my email.

Click Subscribe to CNJ Member Updates. This will bring up a pre-addressed email. Click send. Then you will receive an email confirmation.

It’s that easy. Hope you will subscribe!



UPDATE: If you previously tried to subscribe and it didn’t go through, I had made a boo boo. It is fixed now, so give it a final run.