BREAKING NEWS: House of Representatives just passed the bill

This just in via an instant message from KnifeRights– Here’s what it said, “House passed Homeland Security Appropriations Bill with our Switchblade language intact. Next step is the Senate.”

Bill passed by a vote of 307 to 114.

We’ll keep informed up to the minute as we follow this important issue to the knife industry and enthusiasts.

Knife Rights Update!

kniferightsorgKnife Rights News Slice eBLAST – October 1, 2009


“On September 16th Knife Rights participated in a lobby day on Capitol Hill, along with representatives of the American Knife and Tool Institute, the NRA and the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation.  Representing Knife Rights were Doug Ritter, Pete Brownell and Jason Kunkler (from While it was an exhausting, and at times frustrating, experience, it was clearly beneficial that House Committee and Member staff heard from us why it was so important to retain the Senate Amendment 1447 in the final Homeland Security Appropriations bill. I am confident that had we not made this effort, we might not succeed in the end.

As for that, we are all still waiting.  We remain cautiously optimistic, but it isn’t a done deal by any means.


Gun & Ammo Record Breaking Sales Continue

800px-houston_gun_show_at_the_george_r_brown_convention_centerWithout getting into the politics of it, have you been following the stories on gun sales in the last couple of weeks?

CNJ ran a story a month and a half ago, and it appears the gun and ammo sales are still up measurably.

The contributing factors are two-fold according to Victor Bean, the organizer of the show held last Saturday in Jax, FL.

The news reports-

“Bean attributed what he called a record turnout and the massive upswing in business to two factors — a rumored crackdown on gun ownership by the incoming Obama administration and a possible rise in crime precipitated by the economy’s sharp downturn.”

 I suspect, being a “gun show promoter,” he is hyping it for his next show, but according to the Jax paper attendance on Saturday was 5000 folks- up from about 2000 in Sept for the same show.

Here’s another from this past weekend in Louisville. Different show circuit. Different promoter. Kenny Woods’ Gun & Knife Show

Here’s what Google News has pulled back on the increase of gun and ammo sales, as of 8:42 Monday nite. It is kinda scary actually.

So, what does this spending money on ammo and guns mean for knife sales? Not sure, but one retailer said, his knife sales were down. He attributed it to folks spending their money on guns right now.

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Tactical Fixed Blade Knives- I just don’t get it

Weekend Edition

Guys you have to help me here-

I have really tried to keep an open mind. I like knives. I like cool knives too. But, I can’t for the life of me understand the purpose of the tactical fixed blade knife. Tactical folders, I can get, but not the tactical fixed blade.

In an article in the current edition of Blade entitled “Icons of Utility- Factory Tactical Fixed Blades Offer A Healthy Dose Of Cut For Whatever Needs It,” the writer states-

 “…a category of cut misunderstood by most outside the knife fraternity, but understood all too well by those who use blades on a daily basis.” 

OK, I admit I don’t use knives on a daily basis, therefore I don’t get it. Not when there are hundreds of others, fixed and folders, already being made that can serve the same purpose.

I am really trying here. I just can’t get it. 

There is no doubt our military, law enforcement, etc. need aggressive knives, but the average Joe- I don’t see it. Working with it (cutting carpet, electrical wiring, scuba diver instructor, etc.)- I get. Buying a replica of a combat knife as a collectible, like the Mark II- I get. Using it as a recreational knife- hunting, camping, hiking or backpacking- OK, I can get that too.

A combat/survival knife 

One of the pitches used by knife companies for them is as a survival/combat knife? Tell me what the heck is stalking us? If something was after me, I think I’d rather use my Beretta.

OK- for combat/survival situations in an official capacity (military, police, etc), no sweat. Otherwise, we are in the wrong place. We might need to move, not buy a combat/survival knife.

And to just have one to walk around with? That ain’t cool and it ain’t smart. It is looking for trouble. I know the blade cuts and can be used for anything a “standard” fixed blade or some strong pocket knives can, but still I just don’t get it.

A Utility knife

It is obvious too that many of the makers try to help justify these knives by emphasising their “utility.” Yeah, right; I could use my machete to open my letters or trim my finger nails too.

We wonder why knives are under attack now from a legal and law enforcement perspective, but my gracious, let’s talk about the fact that a large segment of the target buyer audience for these particular knives- it is the young folks. Go to YouTube and see for yourself. I know young people want cool knives- heck, I do too. I know young folks don’t want to carry their grandfather’s old Case XX either. 

In the end

Knife companies are going to make knives buyers want to buy, or what buyers will buy. I can accept that.

What is the purpose of making a tactical fixed blade knife? I guess it is simply because they can.

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Another good old American town trying to ban knives


CNJ Knife Rights Beat

CNJ Knife Rights Beat

This story is about Hampton, New Hampshire. Need I say more? I’ll give you the down and dirty anyway.

The Boston Herald reports, town officials are wanting to make it harder to buy knives. The residents say they tarnish the area’s family friendly image.

Chuck Rage, the local commissioner is proposing background checks be conducted in order to buy “these weapons.”

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CNJ Audio Interview Series: Doug Ritter Founder of Knife Rights

The CNJ Knife Show is honored to have as today’s guest, Mr. Doug Ritter founder of Knife Rights.

While Doug is active on many fronts, one of the areas he is most passionate is Knife Rights, an advocacy group formed to help protect the rights of knife owners throughout the United States.

In today’s show, we learn the origin of Knife Rights, its purpose, membership, areas our rights are being eroded from a national, state and local level, the tools Knife Rights uses to protect our freedom, threats and pending legislation, and alleys helping to fight to keep our rights.″


Jailed UK Man Promises to Give Up Knife Collecting

As reported in the Edinburgh Evening News, a man serving a 6 month term for carrying a knife, now promises to give up his hobby of knife collecting.

Many of the knives and swords in his collection were handed down from his grandfather. The attorney for the man is quoted as saying- “I think this experience (of being put in jail) will result in him no longer collecting knives.”

When he was arrested a witness had seen the knife’s handle sticking out of a bag he was carrying at the time. He has just bought the kukri shortly before being arrested.

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Law in the works in Massachusetts banning certain types of knives

Have you ever noticed, once you become aware of something, you start noticing it everywhere- when before you never even noticed it?

Well, between the recent story Upcoming Presidential Election & Your Knife Rights and my, soon to be aired interview with Doug Ritter founder of Knife Rights, I have become sensitized to stories about knives in the media (most of them are stabbing and crime stories).

Today, I was scanning my Google Alerts and I found an example of our knife rights being threatened. It is a story in today’s Worcester (Massachusetts) Telegram & Gazette.

The district attorney is crafting a law that would make it illegal to carry certain types of knives. Police Captain McGinn said, “Many carry knives for legitimate reasons, but I can’t see any real reason someone would carry a knife in a bar.” Then the story gets off talking about the different kinds of knives.

As harmless as that statement sounds, there are three issues at work here- There is going to be some “authority” deciding-

  1. what the legitimate reasons are,
  2. which knives can and cannot be carried, and
  3. where the permissible knives can be carried (and where it will be illegal for them to be carried). 

You tell me, what’s wrong with that picture?

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