A Thousand Words

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“A picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t that what they say?



Well, what if you are like me and struggle with capturing quality shots of knives in our collection. 

Our friend Mark Zalesky, the editor of Knife World, was kind enough to provide us with a step-by-step outline of how to capture just the right image. It is a reprint of an article he wrote for Knife World. If you are interested here it is- photographyarticle.

One of the many benefits to collectors of the Internet and advancements in technology is our ability to share images with ease. I know of collectors who, when a dealer wanted to sale a knife, had to wait on hard-copy photos sent via the postal service. Can you imagine having to wait to see a knife you thought you were ready to buy? Fortunately we now we live in the Age of Information Acceleration.

Good luck and hope you find Mark’s article helpful.

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What You Collect and Why

Collecting knives is an immensely fun hobby and to most serious collectors is more than a pastime. We experience a tremendous enjoyment and satisfaction through the pursuit of our favorite brand or pattern. The number of reasons folks collect the knives they do varies and are as unique as each individual.

When I started, I collected only one particular knife brand. Then I begin leaning towards the oldest samples made by that firm, which lead me to my appreciation for old American cutlery companies and eventually to my pursuit of old elephant toenails. Each time I have altered my direction it was directly related to being pulled by a strong sense of attraction, intrigue or fascination.

I started a poll of such over at All About Pocket Knives asking the guys who hang ’round there to help me out.

My question to them is- 1) What is your favorite pattern and 2) Why? As I shared with those fellow knife enthusiasts I am working on a project for us here at CNJ.

If you care to help me with your particulars, please join in over at AAPK.

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Editorial- Followup on your feedback

As a followup to my editorial- Speaking My Mind a few issues need further addressed and clarified in light of some of the comments I have received. Thanks for taking an interest and sharing your thoughts with me.

1. I am fine with criticism. Moreover, as long as it is rendered in gentlemanly (or womanly, as the case may be) fashion, you are free to express your thoughts here at CNJ.

2. It seems as if my comments were incorrectly construed to have been defending sham artists (crooks, fakers, and folks who intentionally deceive others) as a result of a link posted on BladeForums.com and that topic’s context.


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Editorial- Speaking My Mind

Regarding old knives, we know knife collecting exists as an industry because folks spending their hard-earned money in good faith believe the knives they buy are authentic. At the point these folks’ confidence is jolted then the whole knife collecting hobby/ industry will suffer.

We can not allow collectors’ confidence to be shaken in the knives they are offered or buy, otherwise, we might as well go buy real estate or Bank CD’s.


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Custom Knife Auction Scheduled

Are you into custom knives? I have to admit they do catch my eye, but I try not to be tempted. If you are OK with looking then check out this preview.


According to the catalog I received today, the date for bidding to begin is August 26th (that’s tomorrow!) with the deadline for bids of August 28th. Check Bruce’s website for more info.

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Day One: Getting set up

We are busy getting the Cutlery News Journal set up, so please add it to your RSS Feeder or check back every few days. You are going to like what we are doing here. Thanks

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