Cutlery News Journal’s Top Stories for 2009

The most popular stories for 2009 cover a wide-range of topics- knife company history, knife company and industry news, audio interviews, knife factoids, trends, contests and survey results. Interestingly, several posts were published in 2008 and remain popular.

2009 Knife Collector Survey Results
Famous Knife Factory Fires
Meet a master whittler
American Cutlery Company History Trivia
Wrench and Tool Knives
iBlade: A new cutting-edge iPod
All the types of knives and the firms that made them
Smoky Mountain Knife Works Executive Killed
Pocket Knives and Tool Knives in the Early America
Knife History References
Introduction to Great Eastern Cutlery’s
My Favorite Knife YouTube Video Contest
Knives used around the Kitchen in 1919
CNJ Audio Interview Series- Knifemaker Tony Bose

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Knife collecting still making the cut

us-economyThis year’s been a doozie and we’ve still got a quarter to go. We’ll end up at over a hundred bank closings. Auto maker bailouts. Record high foreclosures. Unemployment near 10%.  Record business and personal bankruptcies. Makes your head spin doesn’t it? Not since the Great Depression has our country been hammered like it has this year.

CNJ reported successful knife makers reduced employee’s salaries or have been forced to adjust by laying off workers due to low knife sales. In some cases other business failures have impacted knife companies too- distributors, retailers and suppliers.

In regard to our knife organizations, the timing of this severe downturn couldn’t be worse, as most need the steady revenue while the leaderships conduct SWAT analysis on their organizations. The economy’s caused many collectors to drop club and association memberships.

economyThe dark-side of the recession is also having it’s toll on collectors in other areas too. More collectors are selling knives to help make ends meet. I spoke with another collector yesterday who is selling because he needs the cash.

One knife industry expert claims, incidentally, these collectors will become tomorrow’s dealers. His theory is this-  these individuals who do need to sell will hit the show circuit in order to liquidate. Then they will eventually need to buy more knives from other dealers in order to have additional inventory to sale. I think that is hog wash, personally. The guy I mentioned earlier who is selling off a major chunk of his collection isn’t going to set up at shows- he’s using eBay.

Even with the tough times, knife collecting is still making the cut.

The 2009 CNJ Knife Collector Survey taken earlier this year revealed almost half of the 1300 collectors surveyed stated their participation in the hobby hasn’t been affected by the recession.

Click to enlarge

2009 Knife Collector Survey Q#6 II


There is an additional bright-side to all this too- Record low interest rates and tremendous investment buying opportunities. Untold billions will be made as a result of this recession. Cash rich companies and individuals will make a fortune buying in a down market, but when we do come out of this-  the business landscape will look all together different.

Don’t be surprised if there are some knife company mergers and buy-outs before this is all said and done too.

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2009 Knife Collector Survey Results- Question #2

In the first post of this series, we discussed the number of survey participants and how the survey was promoted, along with the answer to the first question of the age of the participant.

Today let’s look at the answers for the second question.

Question #2- How many years have you collected knives?

(Click to enlarge. If browser fails to load, please click chart)

CNJ Collector Survey Q #2 Results

CNJ Collector Survey Q #2 Results

Interesting to note- Fifty-two percent of the collectors have collected 5 years or less, including a whopping 31% for 2 years or less.

This chart clearly shows the future of knife collecting is very bright as an entire new generation of knife collectors are already actively enjoying this hobby.

This trend is particularly pronounced when you look back at the age proportions of the collectors surveyed as revealed in Question #1.

We have a whole new generation of collectors who have just recently started collecting knives as a hobby.

It will be interesting to see if when these collectors are the old timers, whether or not the really old and sought-after vintage knives of that day will be the early tactical and survival knives they collected back when they first got started collecting. Let’s just say, I’d be willing to place a wager, if I thought I’d be around to collect on it.

$9 Trillion Pulled From Stock Market

Don’t let the talk of the recession put a cloud over our head regarding the future of knife collecting or declining knife values.

dowjonesConsider this- E*Trade reports at the end of 2008, cash in money markets and bank accounts reached right at $9 Trillion. You read that right, that’s TRILLION with a “T.”

Just think of all those investors who are now looking for another place to park some of those dollars. Plus, though I am not an economist- just a knife collector, we know we will have tremendous inflationary pressure as we begin to come out of this slump, knives can be a tremendous hedge against inflation.

On a related note- The results of the 2009 Knife Community Survey confirm, close to 50% of knife collectors are new collectors- close to 30% have only collected less than 2 years. I’m preparing the report on the survey now, but you will also be surprised to learn, close to 50% of the collectors are under 25 years old. These two stats provide a very healthy future for our wonderful hobby and it flies in the face of the belief that the vast majority of collectors are 50+ years old- that simply isn’t true.

Our hobby is very alive and well, I’m glad to report. Now all we need to do is tap a few hundredths of a point of the $9 Trillion and funnel it our way.

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Blade Magazine Article

bladelogoRecently I was asked if I’d be interested in writing an article for Blade Magazine on knife collector resources on the web. If you are a regular reader of CNJ, you know what my answer was. Well, I understand the article is in April’s edition and subscribers are starting to receive it now. 

Blade is a much needed resource for collectors of all types of knives. Really, the only thing I don’t like is having to wait for it each month and then for it to arrive by snail mail.

Blade and other traditional print pubs are the pull-up-to-the-table full-course meal, while CNJ is more the late night snack of collector news.

If you are checking out Cutlery News Journal for the first time, possibly as a result of this article, allow me to first say, “Welcome.”

One of the topics we have been looking into lately here at CNJ is  Who is today’s knife collector? And right now, we are conducting the 2009 Knife Community Survey and would like to have your participation.

So far, collectors from 8 knife forums; various email lists; local, state and national collector clubs and associations; and our regular CNJ subscribers have joined in. Plus, Jeff Smith, YouTube’s Cutlerylover, did a video broadcast to his subscribers and within 24 hours of him posting it over 800 knife enthusiasts from YouTube took the survey.

Thanks for checking out CNJ. After you have looked around, please take part in the survey.

And when you need a little late night snack, come on back.

Who is Today’s Knife Collector?


23_mysteryman_lglWho is today’s knife collector? Well, this much we know- the various associations’ membership doesn’t represent all the knife collectors in the Knife World. The universe of collectors is much larger.

To me anyone who has a couple of knives and likes them is a collector. They may only get one, or two, a year, but are every bit as much a collector as I am.

We also know there are tens of thousands of knife enthusiasts online. Many of these knife lovers aren’t a part of any established club or association, and yet they are very much a part of the knife collector community too. 


bladepollclubmembershipBy the way, did you notice the results of the recent Poll- over half indicated they are not part of any knife club or organization. 



It is for this reason last week we started the Knife Community Survey. We are not trying to stereotype collectors; instead we are trying to find out who they are today, and a little about them. These collectors are a part of our knife community too.

Thanks for helping out. And as you are out in the Knife World, please let others know about the survey.

The 2009 Knife Community Survey

cnjreaderpollsOne of the benefits of the web is information can be exchanged easily and with just a few clicks you have the opportunity to help shape the direction of the knife collector industry.

If you have participated in a CNJ survey, you know my goal is simply to develop initiatives, topics or, in some cases, platforms to get the Establishment’s attention.  And let me assure you the powers that be are paying attention to what you say here at Cutlery News Journal.

I need your help by taking part in the Knife Community Survey, as well as to help make others aware of it. There are thousands of knife collectors who may not be web savvy yet, or a frequent visitor here at CNJ, so please encourage them to come participate in this important survey.

I would also appreciate it if you would post a note and link in any forum you are a part of directing folks this way. I’ve added this survey to the right-side column of the CNJ homepage too. Simply click that page, highlight and copy the address of the CNJ survey page.

The knife collector associations’ leadership wants to better adapt to today’s online knife collector and your information will be invaluable, so please take part and encourage others to also. This survey provides for a comprehensive profile of the knife collector community.

Direct Link to the 2009 Knife Community Survey

Thank you


Top Stories of Cutlery News Journal for 2008

topstories320x240It’s that time of year. Time to recap the top stories for 2008. 

The top story rankings were determined by the number of times each story was viewed.

Thank you for your support and participation. I hope you enjoy the stories this new year too! Happy New Year!

Knife Forum of the Year

Audio Interview Series- Perry Miller NKCA President

CNJ Interview with YouTube’s Cutlerylover

A Thanksgiving Treat- More knives than you can shake a stick at

CNJ Audio Interview Series- Tom Arrowsmith of W R Case Cutlery Company

CNJ Audio Interview Series- Custom Knife Maker Mr. Tony Bose

Editorial- Speaking My Mind

OK, OK, I am finally getting an EDC

Where is the new generation of knife collectors?

Introduction to Great Eastern Cutlery’s Knife Patterns

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Countdown on the Knife Forum of the Year poll

Your participation has been phenomenal. This popular vote poll engaged knife folks all over the world to support their favorite forum. Knife talk is alive and well, in deed.  In fact, over 6900 votes have been counted so far, as of 6:45 AM Saturday, Nov. 15th.

I realized there were  international forums when the poll was designed originally, but I thought overall the language barrier would prevent participation. I was dead wrong. I’ll share my observations and the various groups who voted once the poll closes.

I recognize this contest could have been based upon a number of factors, but I chose popularity. It easily could have been- the most visually attractive (Iron Pitt would have won hands down), or the most posts/threads, the most diversified range of topics, on and on. There are a lot of great places on the web knife folks gather.

I will be closing the poll this coming Wednesday, Nov. 18th at 12:00 AM ET, so if you have members who haven’t voted there is still time.

CNJ Reader Survey: Online Knife Fun

I’m working on an article for Blade Magazine and need your feedback here. While I ask you to only vote once, you may indicate multiple answers. The poll will remain the top post for a couple of weeks to give everyone a chance to participate. 

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