2008 CNJ Knife Collector Online Activity Report



Geek Rated: Moderate

First, let me say, “Thank you” to all who participated in our poll. The results are now in and tallied. I know the title of the report sounds a bit “Big Brother,” but the poll questions were general and non-intrusive.

Interestingly, we knife folks don’t follow the typical web-users’ online activities. We are proudly a subset of the general web-users and as a result our activities are different. 

Here is a snap-shot our online activities during the fourth quarter of this year.


Gun & Ammo Record Breaking Sales Continue

800px-houston_gun_show_at_the_george_r_brown_convention_centerWithout getting into the politics of it, have you been following the stories on gun sales in the last couple of weeks?

CNJ ran a story a month and a half ago, and it appears the gun and ammo sales are still up measurably.

The contributing factors are two-fold according to Victor Bean, the organizer of the show held last Saturday in Jax, FL.

The Jacksonville.com news reports-

“Bean attributed what he called a record turnout and the massive upswing in business to two factors — a rumored crackdown on gun ownership by the incoming Obama administration and a possible rise in crime precipitated by the economy’s sharp downturn.”

 I suspect, being a “gun show promoter,” he is hyping it for his next show, but according to the Jax paper attendance on Saturday was 5000 folks- up from about 2000 in Sept for the same show.

Here’s another from this past weekend in Louisville. Different show circuit. Different promoter. Kenny Woods’ Gun & Knife Show

Here’s what Google News has pulled back on the increase of gun and ammo sales, as of 8:42 Monday nite. It is kinda scary actually.

So, what does this spending money on ammo and guns mean for knife sales? Not sure, but one retailer said, his knife sales were down. He attributed it to folks spending their money on guns right now.

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Craigslist- The 21st Century Yard Sale

We knife folks go crazy at the thought of finding a jewel somewhere no one else knows about.

  • We love the hunt
  • We love finding an undervalued knife (or related item)
  • We do love the trade too.
  • We love to know we have found a “place” other knife hunters haven’t found yet
  • We love to find non-auction places to find knives.

If you aren’t familiar with the ultimate online yard sale (and it isn’t eBay), then let me point you the way to craigslist.

craigslistscreenshot1craiglists is a “local” classifieds and forums for over 450 cities worldwide. They have 5 billion (that Billions with a “B”) page views each month and 15 million people using the site every month.


Each month the site records 14 million self-published new classified ads.

You can do system wide or local geo searches. I randomly selected “Atlanta” plugged in “knife” and 219 finds resulted.

You may say, “What good is an international classified ad site?” Well, I’ll tell you.

How many knives have been bought from folks who-  

  1. needed to sell,
  2. didn’t know the value of the knife they had,
  3. didn’t want to invest the time and energy to go to a knife show to see if they could sell for a little more, or
  4. didn’t know how to use eBay?

For free these folks put a short free (did I mention that it is Free?) classified ad. The local paper charges them to put it in their paper, ya know. craigslist is killing the newspaper classified business, incidentally.

craiglistgermanknivescraigslist is one of the top Internet sites in the world. Does that tell us anything here?

It ain’t pretty, but it is free to the users (except for job listings).

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The Dilemma of the Everyday Carry Knife

CNJ is still in its Weekend Edition with relatively little “breaking news” on this Sunday, so I want to revisit the Everyday Care Dilemma.

The EDC has received a bit of discussion here at CNJ lately. I didn’t get the Victorinox SwissFlash and I’m not carrying the Case Brothers Toenail I did get. So, I’m back to where I started- without an EDC.

The biggest problem I have with carrying a knife everyday is I don’t encounter very many opportunities to use it. Because of this, I’m not faced with the “if I only had a knife” dilemma. So, to remedy this I must have a knife that is a part of something else I do carry everyday.

It must be-

  • an item I already carry and use everyday
  • an item that will pass through airport scanners
  • an item I want to carry
  • an item with multiple uses
  • Thinking through the items I have on, or with me, at all time- here’s the short list:

    1. Wallet
    2. Keys
    3. Belt 
    4. Shirt & Britches
    5. Shoes
    6. Reading Glasses
    7. Sun Glasses
    8. MacPower Book
    9. Ink Pen
    10. My iPhone

    Wait a minute. Stop the press. I got it! Yes, that’s it!  


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    Gustafsson’s New Age Dagger

    Once again I was perusing through custom daggers and got stopped dead in my tracks.

    My problem is a mixture of liking odd, large and, unfortunately, expensive knives (champagne taste on a beer budget).

    Anyway, I don’t think it hurts to look, does it? Check it out. If you end up buying it, please don’t tell me. 


    Johan Gustafsson "New Age Dagger"

    Johan Gustafsson "New Age Dagger"



    I know, I know, as hard as I was on tactical fixed blades I’m expecting to get my chops busted for lusting over this dagger (but you know I’d never carry this beaut).

    If you care to look at it more closely (or purchase it), it is listed on BladeGallery.com. Follow this link.

    The bowie blade is 10″ and the “smaller” folding blade is 4 1/8.” It is almost 20″ OAL. The colors of the bolsters and blades are so cool! The handle is Fossil mammoth ivory. The design is killer. I’m not to crazy about its price though- $4800. I’ll stick to my vintage toenails, thank you anyway.

    I know! I’ll add getting a custom dagger to my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions! Hey, maybe Daniel will put it on the knife layaway plan for me 🙂

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    Tactical Fixed Blade Knives- I just don’t get it

    Weekend Edition

    Guys you have to help me here-

    I have really tried to keep an open mind. I like knives. I like cool knives too. But, I can’t for the life of me understand the purpose of the tactical fixed blade knife. Tactical folders, I can get, but not the tactical fixed blade.

    In an article in the current edition of Blade entitled “Icons of Utility- Factory Tactical Fixed Blades Offer A Healthy Dose Of Cut For Whatever Needs It,” the writer states-

     “…a category of cut misunderstood by most outside the knife fraternity, but understood all too well by those who use blades on a daily basis.” 

    OK, I admit I don’t use knives on a daily basis, therefore I don’t get it. Not when there are hundreds of others, fixed and folders, already being made that can serve the same purpose.

    I am really trying here. I just can’t get it. 

    There is no doubt our military, law enforcement, etc. need aggressive knives, but the average Joe- I don’t see it. Working with it (cutting carpet, electrical wiring, scuba diver instructor, etc.)- I get. Buying a replica of a combat knife as a collectible, like the Mark II- I get. Using it as a recreational knife- hunting, camping, hiking or backpacking- OK, I can get that too.

    A combat/survival knife 

    One of the pitches used by knife companies for them is as a survival/combat knife? Tell me what the heck is stalking us? If something was after me, I think I’d rather use my Beretta.

    OK- for combat/survival situations in an official capacity (military, police, etc), no sweat. Otherwise, we are in the wrong place. We might need to move, not buy a combat/survival knife.

    And to just have one to walk around with? That ain’t cool and it ain’t smart. It is looking for trouble. I know the blade cuts and can be used for anything a “standard” fixed blade or some strong pocket knives can, but still I just don’t get it.

    A Utility knife

    It is obvious too that many of the makers try to help justify these knives by emphasising their “utility.” Yeah, right; I could use my machete to open my letters or trim my finger nails too.

    We wonder why knives are under attack now from a legal and law enforcement perspective, but my gracious, let’s talk about the fact that a large segment of the target buyer audience for these particular knives- it is the young folks. Go to YouTube and see for yourself. I know young people want cool knives- heck, I do too. I know young folks don’t want to carry their grandfather’s old Case XX either. 

    In the end

    Knife companies are going to make knives buyers want to buy, or what buyers will buy. I can accept that.

    What is the purpose of making a tactical fixed blade knife? I guess it is simply because they can.

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    Are layaways for knives next?


    The December 15th edition of Antique Week featured a story that caught my eye. It was on selling 0n layaway to increase sales.

    If you aren’t familiar, it is a way of extending credit to a shopper. The buyer makes a deposit and then makes “payments” until the items is fully paid for, then the item can be taken home.

    I decided to look around and was surprised by the number of stories are about retailers using this tool now to help generate revenues.

    Current headlines

    The use of layaway dates back to the early 1920s as a way to help folks make purchases when they didn’t have the cash to buy outright.


    Harry Rinker, recognized expert in collectibles, had this to say in his article. Layaway- Is it an answer to surviving in the current economic climate?– 

    “Layaway has played an integral role in the antiques and collectibles business since its inception over a century ago. While most sellers do not advertise its availability, it is deeply entrenched, more than most realize.”

    What about layaway knife sales?

    So, this leads us to the question of knife sales. Are we likely to see sellers and dealers begin to use this sales tool? The point of it is to help keep sales moving.

    My guess is they will.

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    Guess what I got for Christmas!


    Christmas 2008- Stag Case Brothers Toenail

    Christmas 2008- Stag Case Brothers Toenail

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    From all of us at Cutlery News Journal


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    Did you buy yourself a knife for Christmas?

    macchristmasOK, how many of us bought our own Christmas present? And of those who did, how many bought a knife?

    I did, but this one wasn’t of the EDC variety.


    PS: I love being home from work and being able to play 🙂

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