MAILER-DAEMON is a sad thing when it comes to knife collectors

I was rummaging around my files today- my email files and folders. Frequently, I’ll go back and read through old emails from knife collectors.

Might sound odd, but I find the topics interesting, plus to see what knives we talked about. Sometimes the collector shared with me actual knives in their collection too.

Today I tried to contact a collector from an old email only to have the email bounce back as undeliverable.

It’s the ding of the Inbox seconds after pushing send, only to see the dreaded MAILER-DAEMONRemote host said: 550 MAILBOX NOT FOUND. I get sick to my stomach every time.

And in some cases, it means the collector has passed away.

It’s a sad thing. When it happens I sit there for a minute thinking about what might have happened to the collector only to then wonder about his knives.

Not all collectors have huge collections that force the family to have to decide what to do with them. No, in many cases, there may only be a few knives, so what happens then?

Today, I tried to reconnect with a gentleman who contacted me back in 2003 about his stag HSB toenail. I ran across his email and thought I’ll just see how he was doing. Then the much feared MAILER-DAEMON showed up almost instantly.

Then what do you do? Most of the time I don’t know anything more than a name, sometimes only a first name. It’s not like I can walk down the street and knock on his door either.

I can’t help but wonder what happened to the knife he told me about too. Unfortunately, I can’t assume the family recognized the knife as valuable and rare. I’m afraid to think it was given to little Spike to play with.

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H Boker Factory Collection

20091023_2918To complement the recent feature article on Boker knives and the firm’s history in Knife World Magazine, here is the rare H. Boker Factory Collection displayed at Smoky Mountain Knife Works in Sevierville, TN owned by Kevin Pipes.

20091023_2929Even if you aren’t a fan of the Boker brand, if you like older knives, and pristine mint condition knives- with fantastic etches, then you’ll appreciate this collection.

New Hampshire State Legislator Introduces Pro-Knife Bill

BillofRightsIn today’s anti-knife world, it is a rare treat to see someone in politics promoting knife rights. In New Hampshire, State Representative Jennifer Coffey has introduced a bill to actually legalize “stilettos, switch knives, daggers and dirk-knives” for all law-abiding citizens there, according to KnifeRights.

This bill focuses the law on the criminal use of the knives, while removing the probation against them. Rep Coffey is a very pro-second amendment supporter of the rights to bear arms and outlines her position at

“Knife rights and gun rights both come under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. The Second Amendment refers to ‘arms,’ not guns.”

New Hampshire State Representative Jennifer Coffey

It will be interesting to watch this bill’s progress and CNJ will keep you updated.

What are you doing with your parked savings?

savingsratejune09Government reports have us substantially increasing our savings rate right now. Is that true? Probably. I don’t know about you but when parts of our financial system began collapsing back in Oct 08, I started pulling back and we are into this for what, 8 or 9 months now? So the question is- Where do you have your money parked? I’m talking about money set aside as savings.

Safety is one thing and overcautiousness is another. Now it is time to evaluate our investment options. Do you go back in the stock market? I don’t think we are out of the woods yet. Our banks are under tremendous strain from non-performing loans right now. One of our largest banks is on the verge of failing as we speak. Unemployment is going to continue to inch up at least for 6 more months. I could go on, but better stop here otherwise, I’ll get labeled as “gloom and doom.”


savingsA  financial advis0r is going to recommend diversifying your investment portfolio. Depending on your age and cash needs, some money is put in moderate to high risk investments, while other portions are more conservative investments.

The stock market is out for most folks because of its volatility right now, so what about CD’s (certificates of deposit)? Have you checked the rates lately? They are terrible. I’d only put short-term money in a CD right now.

Knives as Investments

voylesauction42dec08Let me ask, have you thought about stocking a portion of your savings into knives? No, I’m not talking about running out and buying $5000 of Spyderco or Benchmade over the counter knives. Instead, I’m talking about doing your homework and seeking out objective opinions from knowledgeable collectors and dealers as to which knives will hold up in tough times and likely increase over time. I’m not talking about a quick flip either.

Many folks caution us against buying knives as investments. I’ve read those opinions since I started collecting. Sure there is an element of risk associated with buying knives when seeking a return on those dollars, but I didn’t say bet your farm.

Another reason knives need looked at really hard right now is the increased likelihood that over the next year high quality knives will come into circulation as collectors reallocate their collections or sell-off knives that are outside the heart of their collection.

While my suggestion here is subject to pot shots, putting a portion of your mid-to-long term money in collectible knives just makes sense to me. If anyone is able to have a feel for which knives, makers or patterns “ought” to be the right choice- it is us. It’s not like someone told you to buy ink pens or glass bottles. After all, we are knife collectors.

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Photo Credit: Bruce Voyles Auctions