Benchmade Knife Company Wins Award

Benchmade Knife Company Recognized as a Most Admired Company in Oregon

The Portland Business Journal recognized Benchmade Knife Company as one of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies within the Manufacturing Companies division.

“It is an honor to be recognized among such admired and prestigious organizations in the state” says Les de Asis, Founder and Owner of Benchmade Knife Company.

Surveys were sent to more than 1,800 CEO’s throughout the Oregon and Southwest Washington region and asked them to select the companies they most admire. These awards recognize companies that CEO’s believe to be the very best organizations in the region.

Other companies winning awards in the manufacturing category include Nike Inc., Columbia Sportswear Co., and Leatherman Tool Group Inc.

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Benchmade Knife Company Hires New Employees

Benchmadlogo Benchmade Knife Company hired four new employees within the customer service, finance, and sales departments, as reported yesterday by SportsOneSource Media.

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Has buying a hunting knife gotten too complicated?

life_getting_complicatedOver Thanksgiving my brother asked me what hunting knife he should buy. He said wanted a folder- that will stay sharp and one that dress a deer.

My nephew, who is a major hunter, overheard the question and jumped in telling him Benchmade makes a good knife. 

Later that night, I sent him a link to the Benchmade website thinking that would do the job. Then the next night I get this email from him-

“Man I am lost!!!!!

Thanks for the site. I do not understand all of the lingo. Do you see a knife around $100-200 that has a “lock blade” and should take and hold a good edge? I will just use it to gut deer but do want a folding blade???

So, I headed to Benchmade. Good grief. I can’t tell from the specs which one is good for gutting a deer or not- either. I don’t hunt. I don’t fish. I just collect old knives.

But being the industrious guy that I am, I thought… I don’t know anything about hunting knives (other than antique folding hunters, which I actually thought about giving him one, but quickly decided not to).

I knew a guy to ask though so I shot him an email. 

Need some advice. 

My brother is looking for a good hunting knife. Someone recommended Benchmade. He went to the website and couldn’t decipher the lingo. Any recommendation? He is an avid deer hunter.

Then I get back a reply talking about coated verses uncoated (or is it non-coated?) blades, the different types of steel and curves of the blade and I thought-

“Wow, I just wanted a knife to tell my brother to buy. He isn’t technical and would just take my recommendation and go buy it.”

…and I still don’t have an answer for him.

Is it possible we have made buying a hunting (or any other) knife too complicated for the non-technical knife buyer? 

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The pen is mightier than the sword?

When was the last time you came up on a bear out in the woods and didn’t have a gun or knife, but there in your shirt pocket was an ink pen?  

One of my Google Alerts

One of my Google Alerts

Well, the other night I was logging off when one of my Google Alerts came dinging into my Mac’s email.

One of the links said: “Is it a knife? It it a pen? No, it is both!

My curiosity got the best of me and I followed its trail. It took me to Gun and Game. It is a gun forum and one of its posts was about this pen/knife weapon. 

Then I followed it further to the maker of this fine writing instrument. The maker is Benchmade. The pen is the 1100 Series Pen:  Right there in black and white it says: “These Pens are definitely mightier than the sword.”

Here are its selling points:

  • Ergonomic Knurling Pattern Provides Superior Grip and Comfortable Texturing 
  • All Surfaces Have Been Anodized for Both Appearance and Wear 
  • CNC Machined 6061 T-6 Aluminum or Stainless Steel Body, Cap, and Grip 
  • Non-Reflective Components for Tactical Applications  
  • Ink Cartridges Manufactured by Fisher Pen Company 
  • Generation II BP-1 Coated Stainless Pen Clip 
Benchmade 1100 Series Pen

Benchmade 1100 Series Pen

 They really are positioning this pen as a weapon. I must admit it is pretty cool, plus it comes in different colors. Prices range from $120 to $180.

I would show them to you but Benchmark prohibits the use of the pictures from its site. So here it is from one of their dealers- One Stop Knife Store. You can order one or more directly from them.

If you want you can give me one for Christmas. I might need one next time I am writing in my knife journal (don’t ask…) and someone interrupts me.

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