Knife Show- Audio Interview Series Archive

CNJ ventured out when it begin the first Knife Show on the web. It is being very well received by knife enthusiasts, in addition to being well supported by the guests. In these episodes our guests have graciously volunteered their time by sharing their story with the knife world. Each episode will cover a range of topics you are sure to find interesting.

The Knife Show’s Audio Interview Series provides a fresh approach to cutlery news, as most information on the web related to knives is in written format. The intent behind the CNJ Knife Show is to invite you to hear these industry leaders first-hand, in their own voice. Now settle in…grab you a cup of coffee and join us in learning from the key players in the knife industry.

Audio Interview Series Introduction

National Knife Collector Association President- Perry Miller 

Custom Knife Collector Association’s Kevin Jones

W R Case & Sons Cutlery Company President- Tom Arrowsmith Part I

W R Case & Sons Cutlery Company President- Tom Arrowsmith Part II

Blade Magazine Editor- Steve Shackleford

Special Edition: YouTube’s Cutlerylover Video Interview

Knife Rights Founder- Doug Ritter

Custom Knife Maker- Tony Bose

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