Apple’s iPad: I love new toys to play knives on

Apple rolled out its newest revolutionary device today. This cutting-edge computer is called the iPad. I promise you will hear more about it- in fact, just watch the national news tonight, it will be on every station.

I watched their media event today announcing this creation via live streaming video since CNJ wasn’t invited.

You might know it already, but I am a huge Mac man and have been waiting on Apple’s iPad, and a few minutes ago a knife friend over at iKnifeCollector sent me one-

Apple's New iPad browsing iKnifeCollector

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Introducing the CNJ Knife Game Series

Knife Game Series

“Playing knives” is my way of describing the fun I have with all things knife related and the camaraderie with fellow knife enthusiasts. And yet today, I’m introducing a new series that is literally playing with knives. It is entitled Knife Games.

Knife games are the epitome of playing with knives. They are recreation. In some cases, they served as a pastime and in others a venue for competition.

The Knife Games Series will look at all the different games using knives- from yesterday and today. I hope you enjoy, and if you know of one, let me know.

But before we begin I need to say- this series is a documentary and is not intended to be instructional. I will not be held responsible for injuries, deaths or dismemberment of any of your, or anyone else’s, members. If you aren’t able to play knives without hurting yourself or others, then leave it in your pocket. There I got that disclaimer out of the way, let’s have some fun. 🙂

Stay tuned for the first Knife Game-


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Life things can bump knife things

Sometimes when we want to play knives life things can get in the way.

Folks ask me all the time- “Scott, is your real job knife related?” Most of you here know it is not. I’m an auctioneer and I struggle, just like you, with trying to balance the many areas of life.

You know what I mean- work or personal things take priority over play things. These other things can bump you from going to that knife show even though you had it in your calendar for months or from traveling to meet a guy with that knife you are interested in- those kind of things.

Well for me these life things also bump me from posting here at CNJ or playing knives with my friends at iKC. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, but this week it’s work related “things” that are taking away my play time.

Traveled to Austin, Texas on Saturday and got back at mid-night Sunday. Yesterday and today- just slammed. In the morn, I leave at 4:00 AM to drive to two meetings and then on to Memphis, TN for two auctions.

Work is a good thing. Yes, we all have to make hay while the sun is shinning, but man, don’t you hate it when you’d really rather play knives- I know I do.

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Relaxing Sunday afternoon playing knives

Yes, it was a beautiful day yesterday. Fall in the air, leaves changing colors, just right temp- what a day to chill-out. Relax. Enjoy some R & R.

So, what did I do with the day? I spent it playing knives, of course. Yes, I played knives from around 1:00 til 10:00 PM (except for an off and on break to go outside and stand by the fireplace).

The odd thing to most of you is I never touched a single knife.

Instead, I created a multi-media presentation about the Elephant Toenail knife and its history. I know. Call me crazy. But I had a blast. Found knife and cutlery company pics and scans in the deep recesses of my external hard drive I had totally forgotten about.

Had tons of windows up and apps running. I love it! Now to me that is fun and relaxing.

Picture 6

Just a playing and a playing- knife playing, that is.

…and when I finish the ET presentation- I’ll be sure to load on YouTube. I think you’ll like it!

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