New Eco-Friendly Cutlery?

To you who do have “Save the Planet” or “Go Green” bumper stickers, I’ve already staked-out I’m a Green Guy too, and yet, when I find a company championing a cause (or stirring it up) and then offering a solution it benefits from, it irks me. (I’m not talking about the ol’ capitalistic axiom of- find a need and fill it- here either).

You may or may not be aware plastics are under attack. I guess they don’t biodegrade very well, or something. Since we are about all forms of cutlery here at CNJ, my radar picked this up.

Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Cutlery (or Slips) is designed as an Eco-friendly replacement to those eternal plastic forks, knives and spoons, but before you assume this product is simply Chop Sticks- guess again.


Before Al Gore gives all the credit to this Bamboo Cutlery maker for saving our planet, did you know MASAYOSHI TAKETJCHI was granted a patent already for Bamboo Cutlery? Yep, it’s true- way back on June 27, 1916.

His patent application even adds- “The object of my invention is to produce articles of this kind (knives and forks) which will be attractive, cheap in costs and which may be thrown away after use…”

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CNJ Knife Trivia- A Writer Who Helped Make a Knife Famous

Knife History Trivia

Today’s CNJ Knife Trivia focuses on the identity of an early American writer and the knife he helped make famous. There are two books, in particular, in which he mentioned this knife and more than likely you have read them both too.

This writer wasn’t hired for product placement (intentional mention or use of a product in a book or movie) of this particular knife, instead, he only mentioned it, almost in passing, and yet, as minor as it was at the time, these slight references helped promote this knife to generations of young boys making it one of the most popular knives in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Can you name this writer and the knife involved?

Hint: He is also known for writing “Gimme a Case-Knife.”


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Introducing the CNJ Knife Game Series

Knife Game Series

“Playing knives” is my way of describing the fun I have with all things knife related and the camaraderie with fellow knife enthusiasts. And yet today, I’m introducing a new series that is literally playing with knives. It is entitled Knife Games.

Knife games are the epitome of playing with knives. They are recreation. In some cases, they served as a pastime and in others a venue for competition.

The Knife Games Series will look at all the different games using knives- from yesterday and today. I hope you enjoy, and if you know of one, let me know.

But before we begin I need to say- this series is a documentary and is not intended to be instructional. I will not be held responsible for injuries, deaths or dismemberment of any of your, or anyone else’s, members. If you aren’t able to play knives without hurting yourself or others, then leave it in your pocket. There I got that disclaimer out of the way, let’s have some fun. 🙂

Stay tuned for the first Knife Game-


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Folks who don’t collect knives just don’t get it

Knife collectors have screws loose

It’s a well established fact knife collectors can be viewed as a little out of whack. A bit odd. And not just from the anti-knife crowd, but by our closest friends.

It even gets worse when you throw old knives into the mix.

Well, I had a funny thing happen getting my hair cut a few days ago I thought you’d find amusing.

You know the routine- you sit there getting your hair snipped while your barber or beautician stylist politely entertains you by asking questions about your family, work, any planned trips for the holidays and any other areas he/she knows you are into.

Paul, my hair cut guy, knows I’m a knife collector, along with everyone else in my little universe, and after we’d covered all the other topics, he finally worked around to asking about my hobby.

“Bought any knives lately?” he asked.

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like getting into the details about my knife collecting hobby with non-knife collectors. It often leads to questions about- if I use them, how much they cost and how many I have, and questions like that. So I thought for a moment about how to respond and then remembered I did just buy me a new old knife off ebay that didn’t cost my last other leg.

“Well, yes, I have,” thinking I found an example safe to talk about. “I bought me an old one off eBay.” Then I made the mistake of adding one more tidbit about this purchase when I should have left well enough alone, but out it came before I realized it- “Yeh, its blades were broken off.”

Case TESTED XX Green Bone Toenail (1920- 1940)

Now remember most non-knife collecting folks already think we have a couple of screws loose.

When he absorbed what I said, he looked at me with the oddest look. I knew I had said too much. “It’s blades are broken off?” he questioned. I was at the point of no return and the hole was only getting deeper. “Yes,” I said, “you know I collect old knives and thought it’d be cool to have an old toenail with both blades broken.”

Then realizing he might be about to embarrass me by continuing to ask about something he thought was probably the stupidest thing he’d ever heard, he said,

“Oh, I get it. It’s like a car collector buying a car without any wheels on it, right?”

I swear those were his exact words. And at that point all I could do was say- “Yeh.”

Knife Talk- Case TESTED XX Green Bone

Who said knives can’t talk…

Case TESTED XX Elephant Toenail (1920- 1940)

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Two more knife auctions for your bidding pleasure

Two more knife auctions are headed our way and just in time for Christmas. Have fun and get your shopping done at the same time. Got friends and family you still need to buy for? Then here you go-

Auction #1- 650 lots of knives: Simultaneous Online and Live auction Saturday Nov. 28th.

Auction #2- 306 lots of knives- Online only auction Bidding begins Nov. 30 and ends Dec. 3rd.  Here’s a quick vid overviewing this inventory.

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And CBSNEWS was surprised knives cost $300 an inch

CBSNEWS did a special video feature on knifemaker Bob Kramer, one of only 114 Master Bladesmiths in the world.

The funny thing is they were surprised his knives are so expensive. Welcome to the world of custom and collectible knives CBS.

Here’s the link to the video. Great national exposure for Bob, knifemaking and custom knives.

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Get your knives sharpened it’s turkey cutting time

Our friends over at Victorinox Swiss Army sent this along for us to enjoy. Here’s what they said-

“Watch Daniel Humm’s video demonstration on how to carve the holiday turkey with our Victorinox knives!”

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The Games Knife Sellers Play

Advice from an old knife collector: Don’t play the game unless you have a chance to win.

Buying knives is a game. I’m taking about the actual negotiation here. We love it when we win, that is, successfully coming to terms with a seller and getting the knife for our collection. But you have to understand it is a game- pure and simple. And most old timers are experts at it too.

The harsh truth, and one we must accept, is-

We will not be able to buy every knife we want.

I’m not saying this because it will be out of our price range either. No, I’ll telling you this, instead, because it is a game and we won’t win every time.

Today, I want to share with you advice to increase your chances of winning.

Let’s say you are approached by a knife owner about a specific knife. It is one you decide you want. And while the seller may act as if he’s really not interested in selling it- your intuition tells you he really is.

Remember- it is a game. He has interested you in the knife (either because he approached you, or had it on his list of “For Sale” knives). Eventually, he asks- “So, what’ll you give?” This point in the “Game” is a critical juncture. What you say and do at this moment will determine if you can come to terms and acquire this next trophy for your collection, or not. Understand too- they routinely use this approach and never even price the knife.

If you say a price, or make what appears to that seller as an offer, you will probably lose.

What you must do is this. You must establish he wants and is ready to sell. Otherwise, you’ll end up negotiating against yourself. So, instead of saying “Oh, I’ll give you X,” you must say, “Have you decided to sell that knife?” You’d expect him to say something to the effect of “Well, it depends on what you’ll give.”

Understand, if the owner of the knife hasn’t made the decision he wants to sell you are going to make an offer that simply “hangs in the air.” This happens when you throw out a number/price and he says, “Oh, I’m really not interested in selling that knife right now.”

If he pulls this- “Oh, I’ll think about it” or “I don’t think I really want to sell it”- all he will do then is use your offer to shop for a better price or try to get you to continue increasing your offer price- remember he originally approached or solicited you!

Instead, once you determine you are interested tell him-

“Have you decided to sell this knife? I’m not sure I’m a buyer, but if we were able to come to a fair price are you ready to sell it today?”

I know you may feel you are showing your hand at this point, but you must establish if he is ready to sell, otherwise you are wasting your time and will be standing there making offers while he plays the “Oh, I don’t really want to sell it.”

If he doesn’t acknowledge he’ll sell it if you can come to terms, then walk away. Tell him when he is ready to sell it to let you know.

Nothing is more frustrating than to allow a seller to get you excited about a knife only then to tell you he doesn’t want to sell it- when in actuality all he did was to get your best price and will then either shop your offer or try to get you to increase it.

Remember: Get a seller to commit he is interested in selling the knife and what he will take for it, before you try to buy it.

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