More bad press about knives

Hold on to your hats knife fans. It is only a matter of time before even stricter knife laws come our way.

nytlogo152x23 Here’s the headlines of an article in today’s New York Times: KNIFE KILLINGS IN CITY INCREASED 50% IN 2008.

The bottom line is this quote from Paul J. Browne, the chief spokesman for the New York Police Department-

“We may have made it harder for killers to get their hands on guns,” said Mr. Browne. “Knives are still easily and legally acquired.”

The UK Knife guys are going bonkers


CNJ Knife Rights Beat

CNJ Knife Rights Beat

As a follow-up on the news of eBay banning all knife sales on their UK and Ireland sites, the Brits are beside themselves.

I am following a few of the threads over at BritishBlades forum (mostly custom knife owners) and they are are not happy campers right now. 


“This (ban) is obviously going to impact all of us in various ways, I sell quite a few on there, and regularly buy knives I want for myself from American dealers which will also be impossible.
We all know its ridiculous, but there’s probably naff all we can do other than find another auction site to trade through.
So ladies and gents:
a) buy what you have your eye on now cause you won’t be able to for much longer
b) can anyone suggest some other good auction sites to use.”

While this post by John is on the calmer side of all the buzz, it summarizes their situation pretty well. So much for eBay sales there for US sellers, including custom makers, right at the time every sale is important to keep the knife biz healthy.

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Another good old American town trying to ban knives


CNJ Knife Rights Beat

CNJ Knife Rights Beat

This story is about Hampton, New Hampshire. Need I say more? I’ll give you the down and dirty anyway.

The Boston Herald reports, town officials are wanting to make it harder to buy knives. The residents say they tarnish the area’s family friendly image.

Chuck Rage, the local commissioner is proposing background checks be conducted in order to buy “these weapons.”

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The Great Debate: Which is more lethal a knife or a gun?

I am not an advocate of knife violence (especially considering the knives I have are mostly 100 year old pocketknives), but I found this guy’s argument that a knife is more lethal than a gun to be quite absurd. 

Yes, knives can kill, but so can rocks, sticks or automobiles (or fists, for that matter!). I realize the context of this testimony is gang violence, but it seems to me the root problem is the disposition of the individual, not the “instrument.” 

Making knives to be “the problem” is akin to treating a symptom, not the underlying cause.

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CNJ Audio Interview Series: Doug Ritter Founder of Knife Rights

The CNJ Knife Show is honored to have as today’s guest, Mr. Doug Ritter founder of Knife Rights.

While Doug is active on many fronts, one of the areas he is most passionate is Knife Rights, an advocacy group formed to help protect the rights of knife owners throughout the United States.

In today’s show, we learn the origin of Knife Rights, its purpose, membership, areas our rights are being eroded from a national, state and local level, the tools Knife Rights uses to protect our freedom, threats and pending legislation, and alleys helping to fight to keep our rights.″