How do you decide to buy a knife for your collection?

Weekend Edition 

I am convinced now our subconscious has a mind of its own and makes us act on our wants. 

I have a story to tell you about a recent knife purchasing decision. It is on the CNJ YouTube Channel. Here is the link directly to it.

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CNJ Monthly Update

If you want to give your eyes a break from reading come on over to CNJ’s YouTube Channel and watch the CNJ Monthly Update for October 2008.

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Let’s Get This Knife Show On The Road

In about three weeks one of the few knife shows I can get to arrives. And I’m going. More than that- I’m taking the CNJ Knife Show on the road!

Yes Sir, it’s on Nov 20-22 (Thursday – Saturday) at The Sevierville Events Center in Sevierville, TN. It is billed as “The Greatest Knife Show On Earth.” For us around here, we call it “Parker’s Show,” after the late Jim Parker. 

In addition to seeing my knife friends and doing a little hunting (trying to find something to add to my collections), this year, I’ll be bringing the show to you by way of remote interviews and commentary (today’s lingo- I’ll be podcasting from the road).

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CNJ Reader Survey: Online Knife Fun

I’m working on an article for Blade Magazine and need your feedback here. While I ask you to only vote once, you may indicate multiple answers. The poll will remain the top post for a couple of weeks to give everyone a chance to participate. 

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A Breach of the Peace Crime- Knife Laws

As a follow up on the story reported last week here on CNJ’s Knife Law Beat, the new law for Worcester, Mass is written and now in motion to be voted on by the City Council tomorrow.

Today’s story in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette News reports officials refer to this new knife law offense as a “breach of the peace crime.”

So, how does that jive with Teddy Roosevelt’s motto of “Speak softly and carry a big stick?” I guess Teddy would cause a new law to be written in that city too- No big sticks either.

It calls for a $300 fine if caught carrying a knife with a blade of 3 1/2” 1 1/2″ or more. Yes, there are some exceptions, but “they” will be the ones to determine the “criminal’s” motive for carrying the knife to begin with. 

The problem here is one law begets another

And just to show you how it goes and why knife laws threaten our hobby, the District Attorney Early said yesterday the statute needs to be re-examined because people are carrying knives with smaller blades or other dangerous items.

Oct 29th UPDATE The comments on this article running about 100% AGAINST the proposed law.

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Leading by Example: Elephant Toenail Knife YouTube Video

For weeks now I have been pounding the drum about the knife establishment taking the organized knife collecting hobby to the people through online media, specifically the watchers of knife related videos on YouTube.

Well, heck- after talking to YouTube’s Cutlerylover, I decided to go for it too. Jeff inspired me to introduce my favorite knife to those outside of the normal channels. So, I sat down yesterday and put together a basic introduction to the Elephant Toenail Knife.

I loaded it last night around mid-night and was pleasantly surprised this morning to find a nice comment-

Great review, personally I wasn’t aware of this knife at all but I’m glad I saw the video….thanks and I look forward to seeing many more great reviews on your channel.”

I am not looking for compliments, instead I simply wanted to let folks know about the ET.  

If you care to watch a basic intro to the best old pattern, then check it out- Intro to the Elephant Toenail Knife

Subscribe to the Cutlery News Journal Channel

If you wish to subscribe to the Cutlery News Journal’s YouTube Channel it is easy and free. I do plan on broadcasting CNJ topics, as well as additional toenail videos.

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Knife Talk is Alive and Well

It is a beautiful autumn morning here in the heart of Dixie and as I think about important topics for collectors, I can’t help but focus on an interesting phenomenon taking place 24/7 among knife enthusiasts.

One of the very healthy by-products of the Word Wide Web is Knife Talk. While the Web brings us “together,” it is the sharing of ideas, debating topics, and meeting and getting to know other collectors that is really cool.

Hear the Buzz at the Knife Forums

Today, the best venue for Knife Talk on the Web is online Knife Forums. And if you take the “seeing the forest” perspective, there are a lot of healthy conversations going on. While I dare not attempt to illustrate the point by counting threads or topics, allow me to say- take my word for it. Knife Talk is alive and well.

If you are not a participant in a knife forum, allow me to encourage you to stick your head in and just listen. Don’t worry about whether or not you have to post, or reply. Far and away, the clear majority of folks simply read and that is just fine. 

Knife Forum Reviews

Coming up here on CNJ will be a review of knife forums. We will be looking at them from a bird’s-eye perspective- the number of members, the range of topics, the forum’s web-page ranking (overall popularity compared with other non-knife websites) and who each particular forum appeals to.

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CNJ Audio Interview Series: Doug Ritter Founder of Knife Rights

The CNJ Knife Show is honored to have as today’s guest, Mr. Doug Ritter founder of Knife Rights.

While Doug is active on many fronts, one of the areas he is most passionate is Knife Rights, an advocacy group formed to help protect the rights of knife owners throughout the United States.

In today’s show, we learn the origin of Knife Rights, its purpose, membership, areas our rights are being eroded from a national, state and local level, the tools Knife Rights uses to protect our freedom, threats and pending legislation, and alleys helping to fight to keep our rights.″


CNJ Interview with YouTube’s Cutlerylover

Recently I wrote about the Next Generation of knife collectors and their online presence on YouTube.

Updated YouTube Stats

Before you meet Jeff, let me remind you the number of knife related YouTube videos at this time numbers into the thousands. Search “pocket knife” and you get 911 videos, while “knife” is 105,000, though I am sure many thousands aren’t related to cutlery. “Knife Collection(s)” has 1080 videos. There is even a category of “pocket knife reviews” with 67.

Meet Jeff- YouTube’s Cutlerylover

Allow me now to introduce a young man named Jeff, who is without a doubt the YouTube Knife King. He goes by cutlerylover. Here is his bio and video collection page. You will see he has over 3,100 subscribers to his channel and 127,864 views of his bio on his channel page.

 Jeff is 23 years old and has been collecting knives since he was a boy. Today, Jeff has made YouTube his turf- his forum for sharing his passion about knives.

Jeff has produced 230 YouTube knife videos. Most are showing his knives, either in groups, or featuring a certain brand or pattern. Some are purely instructional.

What is also amazing is Jeff’s knife videos have received thousands of views. While he does a good job showing the knives and narrating, let me remind you, these are amateur videos, but even still many have been watched over 10,000 times, and several have over 30,000 views each! 

CNJ Interview with Jeff

I asked Jeff some questions about his interest in knives, why the YouTube videos, online collectors, and his subscribers. Listen in to his responses. He is knowledgeable and articulate. Jeff clearly represents the Next Generation of knife collectors. They are online and they are watching YouTube.

Thank you Jeff for being willing to share a little about yourself with us here at CNJ. I’m sure we’ll be talking again.


Jailed UK Man Promises to Give Up Knife Collecting

As reported in the Edinburgh Evening News, a man serving a 6 month term for carrying a knife, now promises to give up his hobby of knife collecting.

Many of the knives and swords in his collection were handed down from his grandfather. The attorney for the man is quoted as saying- “I think this experience (of being put in jail) will result in him no longer collecting knives.”

When he was arrested a witness had seen the knife’s handle sticking out of a bag he was carrying at the time. He has just bought the kukri shortly before being arrested.

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