Two more knife auctions for your bidding pleasure

Two more knife auctions are headed our way and just in time for Christmas. Have fun and get your shopping done at the same time. Got friends and family you still need to buy for? Then here you go-

Auction #1- 650 lots of knives: Simultaneous Online and Live auction Saturday Nov. 28th.

Auction #2- 306 lots of knives- Online only auction Bidding begins Nov. 30 and ends Dec. 3rd.  Here’s a quick vid overviewing this inventory.

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And CBSNEWS was surprised knives cost $300 an inch

CBSNEWS did a special video feature on knifemaker Bob Kramer, one of only 114 Master Bladesmiths in the world.

The funny thing is they were surprised his knives are so expensive. Welcome to the world of custom and collectible knives CBS.

Here’s the link to the video. Great national exposure for Bob, knifemaking and custom knives.

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Challenges of technology and Knife Collecting

The advantages of technology and, more particularly- the Web, to our hobby are tremendous. I see it everyday, both here and over at iKnifeCollector. In addition to allowing makers & collectors the ability to upload and respond to images and video, the Web allows us to span geographic boundaries- to connect, in a personal way.

Well, using technology has its pitfalls too. Bugs, server crashes, hacks, bankrupt providers, etc. Most of which are over our heads and out of our control, and are issues to dread.

Unfortunately, the Custom Knife Collectors Association recently experienced just such an issue with their forum.

forumcollageForums are online discussion areas where you can post and read messages from other users, usually in an organized thread layout.

Here’s what Kevin Jones, the CKCA President said about the interruption in service of their forum-

“…we have an issue with our forum causing a shutdown, from which we may not be able to recover.”

Talk about bad news.

The good news is they are already in the process of obtaining and setting up new v-bulletins forum software and should be up and running now.

Knife makers in unsuspecting places

orvisEarlier today, I was looking through the new catalog from my favorite clothier – Orvis. My wife calls them old man clothes, but what can I say…I am an old knife collector.

Even though I don’t fly fish, or get decked out in my Orvis hat to boots outfits to go deep woods, I really like the look of their clothes. This day, however, I was causally skimming through the pages not looking for anything in particular and whala- a custom knife maker’s knife pops right off the page.DanielWinkler

Yes, Daniel Winkler is an entrepreneur/marketeer as much as he is an award-winning custom knife maker. The exposure value of having a third page in their catalog, plus the Orvis endorsement is tremendous. Good job, Daniel.

The knife is a rugged Limited Edition Elk antler handled Damascus.

Winkler Orvis Limited EditionNow I like Orvis all the more…but I still can’t bring myself to order the “Winter coat without an equal.” It’s a casual, oh, so cool looking, leather jacket for a meager $2750.

Image credit: and

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2009 Blade Show- everything I hoped for!

2009 Blade Show

2009 Blade Show

The Blade Show is the real deal.

Very few things in life live up to my expectations (sad, but true), however, the 2009 Blade Show was everything I hoped.

I could feel the excitement the minute I stepped into the huge hall. Imagine standing in an indoor football coliseum-sized room crammed full of folks buying, selling and talking knives!

The room was totally high energy. Everywhere you looked was cutlery- from knives dating back to the Viking age, to cool customs and traditional pocket knives too, but the center of attention was the tactical knives. Thousands attended along with 700 exhibitors and most everyone had good traffic, and yet it was the knife companies displaying their hottest new tacticals that saw the throngs of consumers lined up three and four deep that dominated the show.

The tactical excitment was very contagious, and this coming from an old knife guy- pun intended- the latest hi-tech designs are off the charts. Needless to say, I heard the siren’s song too and bought my first-  from Mantis Knives. It is their just released Jyro. Way too cool.

After spending almost 20 hours in the exhibition room, I was overwhelmed with the friendliness of everyone there- from the executives of the major manufacturers, to the established custom maker and other attendees. It was close to a class reunion, even though the 2009 Blade Show was my first!

I’ll be reporting over the next week about other impressions and happenings, but wanted to provide you a high-level perspective of this killer show. The folks at Blade know how to run a show. It was perfect. I appreciate them allowing me to record the show from a collector’s and industry perspective.

Like Hotrods and knives? Then this one is for you!

Knife makers are cutting edge. They are always out there making what they like- and in some cases, what they hope buyers will like. Did you notice in the recent edition of Blade Mag the article Every Father’s Favorite? Had some nice knives, but one in particular shot right off the page when I saw it.

Philip Booth's The California Kid

Philip Booth's The California Kid

Introducing Knife Maker Philip Booth’s The California Kid.

Phil describes the Hotrod knife as a ’34 Ford profile. Sporting a 5″ damascus blade that is spring fired when the  headers are pressed. If you like this check out his website. I’d say he likes Hotrods too.

Photo by Philip Booth

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Gustafsson’s New Age Dagger

Once again I was perusing through custom daggers and got stopped dead in my tracks.

My problem is a mixture of liking odd, large and, unfortunately, expensive knives (champagne taste on a beer budget).

Anyway, I don’t think it hurts to look, does it? Check it out. If you end up buying it, please don’t tell me. 


Johan Gustafsson "New Age Dagger"

Johan Gustafsson "New Age Dagger"



I know, I know, as hard as I was on tactical fixed blades I’m expecting to get my chops busted for lusting over this dagger (but you know I’d never carry this beaut).

If you care to look at it more closely (or purchase it), it is listed on Follow this link.

The bowie blade is 10″ and the “smaller” folding blade is 4 1/8.” It is almost 20″ OAL. The colors of the bolsters and blades are so cool! The handle is Fossil mammoth ivory. The design is killer. I’m not to crazy about its price though- $4800. I’ll stick to my vintage toenails, thank you anyway.

I know! I’ll add getting a custom dagger to my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions! Hey, maybe Daniel will put it on the knife layaway plan for me 🙂

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Voyles Knife Auction No. 42 is history


Auction prices are a real- time reflection of the market- at that time and under those conditions. 

Voyles Auction #42 is now closed and it was a success. Clearly the majority of the lots sold for well in excess of their minimums.

The auction inventory consisted of all types of knives- customs, vintage and current productions. The caliber of the knives were from just under $5000 to under $50.

135 lots were offered (a lot in many cases included more than a single knife). It appears 131 lots sold, however a few of the lots minimum didn’t appear under the description. 

4 lots failed to reach the published minimum and 9 lots sold at their published minimum. Total sale right here before Christmas was a tad over $36,000, before you add the Buyer’s Premium (13% for credit card purchases, otherwise 10%).


Gray Taylor Custom

5 lots sold for over $1000. Lot #1 was the only one to sell for over $2000. This knife was the highest sale in the auction. It was a Gray Taylor, Kingsport, TN exquisite folder. Tortoise insert in the interframe, relief engraved with gold inlay throughout, gemstone thumbstud. 3 ½” long closed, hand rubbed finish. It sold for $4650.

9 lots sold for between $500 to $1000, with the balance of 121 lots selling for under $500. Like I said, this auction had something for everyone.

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All I want for Christmas is a Van Barnett Dagger Knife

You guys know I’m an old knife guy (no pun intended). Give me a 100 year old knife and I’m in hog heaven.

vbarnettdagger1But here at CNJ I try to keep up with the other types of knives too- the customs, tacticals and newer factory made.

Well the other day I was perusing through the customs on eBay (actually I was looking for a custom dagger… go figure) and then one out of the 1901 knives listed under “custom knife” caught my eye.

If you can believe it, this knife was the only one I actually clicked through to look at after going through pages of them and I didn’t look over at the price…but it is called champagne taste on beer budget.

But heck who cares, right? I’d didn’t say I was buying it. Instead, I wanted it. Two totally different things. So, next time you talk to anyone who is wanting to know what I want for Christmas, you can tell them.

Van Barnett's Garden of Eden Dagger

Van Barnett's Garden of Eden Dagger

In case you are wondering, the price for the bidding to start is a bargain at $24,999.99. It has 124 diamonds, 18.1″ OAL. All trim is 14k gold with 24k gold texturing. Carved Ivory handle. High contrast ladder pattern Damascus. eBay auction page  Van Barnett’s Homepage

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