Get your knives sharpened it’s turkey cutting time

Our friends over at Victorinox Swiss Army sent this along for us to enjoy. Here’s what they said-

“Watch Daniel Humm’s video demonstration on how to carve the holiday turkey with our Victorinox knives!”

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Has buying a hunting knife gotten too complicated?

life_getting_complicatedOver Thanksgiving my brother asked me what hunting knife he should buy. He said wanted a folder- that will stay sharp and one that dress a deer.

My nephew, who is a major hunter, overheard the question and jumped in telling him Benchmade makes a good knife. 

Later that night, I sent him a link to the Benchmade website thinking that would do the job. Then the next night I get this email from him-

“Man I am lost!!!!!

Thanks for the site. I do not understand all of the lingo. Do you see a knife around $100-200 that has a “lock blade” and should take and hold a good edge? I will just use it to gut deer but do want a folding blade???

So, I headed to Benchmade. Good grief. I can’t tell from the specs which one is good for gutting a deer or not- either. I don’t hunt. I don’t fish. I just collect old knives.

But being the industrious guy that I am, I thought… I don’t know anything about hunting knives (other than antique folding hunters, which I actually thought about giving him one, but quickly decided not to).

I knew a guy to ask though so I shot him an email. 

Need some advice. 

My brother is looking for a good hunting knife. Someone recommended Benchmade. He went to the website and couldn’t decipher the lingo. Any recommendation? He is an avid deer hunter.

Then I get back a reply talking about coated verses uncoated (or is it non-coated?) blades, the different types of steel and curves of the blade and I thought-

“Wow, I just wanted a knife to tell my brother to buy. He isn’t technical and would just take my recommendation and go buy it.”

…and I still don’t have an answer for him.

Is it possible we have made buying a hunting (or any other) knife too complicated for the non-technical knife buyer? 

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A Thousand Words

C Platts Jumbo Swellcenter


“A picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t that what they say?



Well, what if you are like me and struggle with capturing quality shots of knives in our collection. 

Our friend Mark Zalesky, the editor of Knife World, was kind enough to provide us with a step-by-step outline of how to capture just the right image. It is a reprint of an article he wrote for Knife World. If you are interested here it is- photographyarticle.

One of the many benefits to collectors of the Internet and advancements in technology is our ability to share images with ease. I know of collectors who, when a dealer wanted to sale a knife, had to wait on hard-copy photos sent via the postal service. Can you imagine having to wait to see a knife you thought you were ready to buy? Fortunately we now we live in the Age of Information Acceleration.

Good luck and hope you find Mark’s article helpful.

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