My Favorite Knife Video Contest- First Place Winner

The 2009 First Place Winner of the My Favorite Knife Video- The Taste of Blood by Ally Burnham.

I think you will find her video extremely interesting. Through it she shares with us her My Favorite Knife story- while never saying a word!

I thought you would be interested in learning a little more about Ally and her knife collecting hobby, so we arranged it so she can tell us herself. She represents the next generation knife collector.

Ally is a new member of iKnifeCollector– the new online knife collector community.

We appreciate each contestant for taking the time and energy to plan and produce their vid. And we look forward to hosting the contest again next year.

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My Favorite Knife Video Contest 2nd Place Winner

The second place winner is “Bear Hunter by OY Navaho” submitted by Keelen Grimm.

Keelen is an active member of iKnifeCollector– the new knife collector community. Congratulations Keelen!

Now for the moment we have all been waiting for- the First Place Winner….

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My Favorite Knife Video Contest 3rd Place Winners & Honorable Mention

After several days of deliberations, the judges are ready to announce the winners of the My Favorite Knife Video Contest. The contest was sponsored by YouTube’s Cutlerylover, the National Knife Collectors Association and Cutlery News Journal.

We will begin by announcing the Third Place Winner and Honorable Mention

The third place winner is a tie between Rough Rider Toothpick submitted by Nathan Thompson

and 1978 Swiss Army Knife submitted by Jake Shindelar

Also, an Honorable Mention goes to Kenneth PFahlert for Large Swiss Army Knife

Thanks Gentlemen. Good stuff here. Great stories.

We’ll be in touch later this week.

Next is the Second Place Winner

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Best Knife Forum on the Web Winner


Winner of the 2008 Best Knife Forum on the Web

Winner of the 2008 Best Knife Forum on the Web

I am pleased to announce Jerzee Devil the winner of the Best Knife Forum on the Web for 2008.

This contest was an international field and the lead changed hands several times over the last few weeks. Congratulations to Jerzee Devil!

Out of the 25,214 total votes cast, the Jerzee Devil forum rallied their members to get behind the contest and in the end they prevailed.

Second place goes to Armasblancas, a Spanish speaking custom knife forum. They also did an superb job of activating their members to vote and in the end this forum was only 4% behind the Jerzee Devils.

Third place was BritishBlades

Fourth place was

Fifth place was AllAboutPocketKnives

Both Jerzee Devil and Armasblancas very effectively rallied their members to support their forums…really it was very impressive.

Please drop by and congratulate Jerzee Devil as the the Best Knife Forum on the World Wide Web for 2008!

Thank you for participating in our contest. Remember for all your knife and industry news in a fresh and interesting format stay with Cutlery News Journal.