Success in the Senate to protect our knife rights follow-up

As promised, here’s a more detailed explanation of the Senate’s passage of Amendment 1447- the act removing the broadening of the Custom & Border Patrol’s definition of a Switchblade.

Instead of attempting to reword and characterize the action, please allow me to provide Doug Ritter’s detailed explanation. Doug is the founder and chairman of Knife Rights- an knife advocacy organization that has been at the forefront of this effort to prevent the proposed ban.

Explanation of Amendment 1447

If you’d like more information on Knife Rights and Doug, please dial into Cutlery News Journal’s exclusive Audio Interview Series featuring Doug (it’s a podcast and can be listened to directly off the web). CNJ Audio Interview Series- Doug Ritter of Knife Rights

CNJ Audio Interview Series- Custom Knifemaker Mr. Tony Bose

cnjaisFor this edition of the CNJ Knife Show we are pleased to bring you a one-on-one conversation with legendary knifemaker, Mr. Tony Bose.

He has received many awards for his high quality knives and is recognized as one of the top custom makers today.

Tony Bose

Tony Bose

Tony tells us why he started making knives, in addition to candid advice for aspiring knife makers. He also provides an insider’s perspective on the custom knife market and today’s prices.

I invite you to listen in as he shares with us the knives he finds the most challenging to make and why he chose to bring vintage patterns back.

If you don’t know Tony, he is a very humble man with a tremendous passion for knives and wonderful sense of humor. It was a pleasure to have him as our guest.

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Tony in his shop

Tony in his shop

He also has made a very few of my all time vintage pattern- the Elephant Toenail. He will share with us his experience making this treasured pattern and why it is so difficult to make.

Check out his website and photo gallery of his knives.

Bose Platts MOP Jumbo Toenail

T. Bose Platts MOP Jumbo Toenail

My Favorite- MOP Platts Jumbo Toenail

T. Bose MOP Platts Jumbo Toenail

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CNJ Audio Interview Series: Doug Ritter Founder of Knife Rights

The CNJ Knife Show is honored to have as today’s guest, Mr. Doug Ritter founder of Knife Rights.

While Doug is active on many fronts, one of the areas he is most passionate is Knife Rights, an advocacy group formed to help protect the rights of knife owners throughout the United States.

In today’s show, we learn the origin of Knife Rights, its purpose, membership, areas our rights are being eroded from a national, state and local level, the tools Knife Rights uses to protect our freedom, threats and pending legislation, and alleys helping to fight to keep our rights.″


CNJ Interview with YouTube’s Cutlerylover

Recently I wrote about the Next Generation of knife collectors and their online presence on YouTube.

Updated YouTube Stats

Before you meet Jeff, let me remind you the number of knife related YouTube videos at this time numbers into the thousands. Search “pocket knife” and you get 911 videos, while “knife” is 105,000, though I am sure many thousands aren’t related to cutlery. “Knife Collection(s)” has 1080 videos. There is even a category of “pocket knife reviews” with 67.

Meet Jeff- YouTube’s Cutlerylover

Allow me now to introduce a young man named Jeff, who is without a doubt the YouTube Knife King. He goes by cutlerylover. Here is his bio and video collection page. You will see he has over 3,100 subscribers to his channel and 127,864 views of his bio on his channel page.

 Jeff is 23 years old and has been collecting knives since he was a boy. Today, Jeff has made YouTube his turf- his forum for sharing his passion about knives.

Jeff has produced 230 YouTube knife videos. Most are showing his knives, either in groups, or featuring a certain brand or pattern. Some are purely instructional.

What is also amazing is Jeff’s knife videos have received thousands of views. While he does a good job showing the knives and narrating, let me remind you, these are amateur videos, but even still many have been watched over 10,000 times, and several have over 30,000 views each! 

CNJ Interview with Jeff

I asked Jeff some questions about his interest in knives, why the YouTube videos, online collectors, and his subscribers. Listen in to his responses. He is knowledgeable and articulate. Jeff clearly represents the Next Generation of knife collectors. They are online and they are watching YouTube.

Thank you Jeff for being willing to share a little about yourself with us here at CNJ. I’m sure we’ll be talking again.


CNJ Audio Interview Series- Steve Shackleford, Editor of Blade Magazine

Having the opportunity to sit down with the key players in the Knife Industry is a highlight of my day and today’s show is no exception. 

Being able to hear their unique perspective on the goings-on is invaluable not only collectors, but anyone related to the Knife Industry.

Today’s Knife Show guest is Mr. Steve Shackleford. Steve is the Editor of Blade Magazine. He is also moderator of’s knife forum.

One of the fascinating aspects of this interview is Steve’s “Birds-eye view” of the entire Knife Industry- commenting on today’s trends, knife shows, the current oversupply of knives, the “survival of the fittest” mode of many American manufacturers today, and a glimpse of Blade in the future, and much more. 

As you may be aware, Blade Magazine is the most widely read knife magazine today. Each edition covers a wide variety of subjects of interest to knife enthusiasts. Blade also hosts Blade Knife Show in Atlanta and Blade Show West each year. 

Blade’s website- is a high priority for them and currently hosts the Blade TV Show, its forums, its blog and knife related articles

Grab you a cup of coffee and join us in this most interesting conversation.″


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CNJ Audio Interview Series- Tom Arrowsmith of W R Case Part II

One of the privileges of hosting the CNJ Audio Interview Series is my being able to have one-on-one candid conversations with many of the most successful individuals in the Knife Industry.

Recently, I spoke with Mr. Tom Arrowsmith, the President of the W R Case & Sons Cutlery Company of Bradford, Pennsylvania. He was gracious enough to grant me the time necessary to answer my questions, the result of which is this two part interview.

If you missed Part I, catch it first, as it sets the stage for the questions addressed in Part II.


In Part II, we discuss many topics, including the reason for and success of the Case Collector Appreciation Weekend, the economy and knife sales, government regulation, challenges presented by off-shore knife manufacturers, Case’s marketing efforts and Web presence, and the results of Case’s Made in America campaign. 

Case fans you will find these interviews a rare treat- being able to have an open forum with the president of Case. If you are not a Case collector, his insights on the Knife Industry and the challenges facing American companies are very interesting. 

The buffering time of the show varies depending on your connection speed. Typically it takes around 10 seconds before it begins, so please be patient as it loads.″

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CNJ Audio Interview Series- Tom Arrowsmith of W R Case Cutlery Company

CNJ is proud to bring you the Audio Interview Series with key individuals in the knife industry.

Our guest in today’s exclusive interview is Mr. Tom Arrowsmith, the President of the W. R. Case Cutlery Company – America’s manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives. In addition, the firm began back around the turn of the last century and is the most historically significant cutlery company.

The interview with Mr. Arrowsmith is going to be aired in two parts. Both of the sessions are chocked full of a behind-the-scenes of the W R Case Cutlery Company. 

You are going to find these one-on-one conversations to be extremely interesting. The topics for today’s show ranges from Tom’s personal background, his early days at Case, a “typical” day for him as president, what he enjoys the most about his position, his vision for the Case company, changes he has seen in the knife industry and how imports have impacted the industry, challenges knife companies face today and factors considered by Case as it decides what new styles and types of knives to make.


The buffering time of the show varies depending on your connection speed. Typically it takes around 10 seconds before it begins, so please be patient as it loads.″

Stay-tuned for Part II of this historic interview. 

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Audio Interview Series- Custom Knife Collectors Association’s Kevin Jones

CNJ brings you the first knife show on the web with its Audio Interview Series with key individuals in the knife industry. Our guest in today’s exclusive interview is Mr. Kevin Jones, one of the founders of the Custom Knife Collectors Association.

If you are interested in one-of-a-kind handmade knives then I believe you will find today’s show interesting and informative. The CKCA is an international collector association made up of custom collectors and knifemakers.

In today’s show you will sit in with me as we discuss the CKCA, the programs and benefits it offers to custom collectors, challenges faced to custom knives, resources for collectors, suggestions for individuals interested in customs and much more.


The buffering time of the show varies depending on your connection speed. Typically it takes around 10- 15 seconds before it begins, so please be patient as it loads.″


Custom Knife Collectors Association 

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Audio Interview Series Feedback

Your comments and emails about the first episode of the Audio Interview Series have been overwhelmingly positive for this new addition to CNJ.

The first episode is averaging over 100 views a day, which is excellent, especially considering CNJ is new site. Thank you for your support for what we are doing here.

Additionally, the individuals invited on the show have supported us very well. In fact, we are batting 100%. So far, every person asked to come on the show has agreed. There are a number of guest scheduled to be interviewed over the next several weeks. The Audio Interview Series is planned to be a regular part of CNJ. 

Got a question you want asked?

For the show to continue to be a success, I need your help. First, periodically, I will release a preview of the guest scheduled for the most immediate shows and if you have a question you want asked simply indicate the guest and your question in the feedback area below. 

Who would you like to see interviewed?

Also, if you know an individual of interest who will appeal to the CNJ audience I want to know this too. As a reminder our areas of interest are: All things related to knives, cutlery history, knife making, knife sales, knife manufacturing, knife collecting- I think you get the idea.

The scheduled guests for the next several shows include:

  • Tom Arrowsmith- President of W R Case Cutlery Company
  • Tony Bose- Knifemaker
  • Gil Hibben- President of The Knifemaker’s Guild
  • Byran Sanders- Founder of All About Pocket Knives
  • Doug Ritter- Chairman of Knife Rights Inc.
  • Don Hanson III- Knifemaker

So, here’s your chance to get your question in. Then, if you have a suggestion for a guest for the show, please let me know that too.

Thank you for your interest and support for Cutlery News Journal.

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Audio Interview Series- Perry Miller NKCA President

CNJ brings you the first knife show on the web with its Audio Interview Series with key individuals in the knife industry. Our guest in today’s exclusive interview is Mr. Perry Miller, the President of the National Knife Collectors Association. 

If you are new to knives and have yet to join the National Knife Collectors Association, please give it serious consideration. As you will hear, the NKCA is working hard on developing additional resources for collectors of all types of knives- custom, tactical, old and new pocketknives, including hosting Knife Shows nationally, in addition to the opening of its the new museum in Sevierville, Tenn. 

In today’s show you will sit in with me while we discuss Perry’s early collecting days; his vision for the NCKA; challenges faced by the NKCA; new programs and resources for collectors; counterfeit knives; the changes in knife collecting as a result of the Web and eBay; suggestions for new collectors; and much more.  

The buffering time of the show varies depending on your connection speed. Typically it takes around 10 seconds before it begins, so please be patient as it loads.″
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