If You See News

seenewsSounds like the local TV Station with their “If you see news…”, doesn’t it? Well, the majority of our news isn’t going to be actually witnessed, like a auto accident, or anything that dramatic. On the other hand, the readers of CNJ are all over, so we do ask if you “see news” to let us know.

Obviously, we are not the paparazzi, nor are we into rumormongering. We are not “investigative reporters” on a witch hunt either. That is not to say, however,¬†CNJ is only interested in light powerpuff story/non-controversial¬†stories, because that is not the case either.

Bottomline: If you know of something you think will be of interest to us here at CNJ please let us know.

I would appreciate you helping us to keep up with what is going on out in the knife world.

Thanks for your help.

Scott King

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