Introduction to Online Knife Communities

One of the primary benefits of knife collecting, aside from enjoying the ownership of the actual knives, is the associations with like-minded folks.

In the early days of knife collecting this fellowship was facilitated primarily through knife club meetings, knife shows and talking via the telephone. Today, however, the most commonly used medium is the Word Wide Web.

The WWW enables collectors to have continued dialog 24/7 and with very minimal costs associated with these “get togethers.” While shows and club meetings serve additional purposes and will continue on, it is very interesting how mainstream “talking” online has become.


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What is Cutlery News Journal all about?

Your support for Cutlery News Journal is much appreciated. The number of first time visitors continues to climb confirming the fact that folks are seeking web-based knife news and related information, and yet don’t want to totally rely on talk forums to get it.

As discussed in About CNJ, our mission here is much broader than simply writing about knives, history and makers. CNJ is a web-based publication and, therefore, will also cover web and Internet related topics of interest to knife collectors. For example, it will cover topics related to knife websites, including their online rankings; website and forum reviews; hot topics; “how to’s” for those interested in launching their first knife website or increasing their website’s visibility, etc.. 

To make is easier for you to see where CNJ is headed, below is a mind map of the scope of topics.        Click on the map to enlarge it.







Clearly CNJ is breaking new ground for a “knife site.” And most certainly over the next several months we will add additional topics. 

Thanks for your support and participation here at CNJ. Keep the feedback coming! If you like what we are doing, tell others, if you don’t, let me know your suggestions.

Scott King

September 28, 2008


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New CNJ Series- Knife Collecting and Technology

Over the next several weeks, CNJ will be publishing a new series on Knife Collecting and Technology. All collectors have benefited from the technological advances, as has knife collecting as a hobby.

This new series will focus on a number of related topics from how we have been impacted, how you can establish a web presence; the different online resources available; how to further increase your relationships; determine what your goals for your online presence, and much more.

In addition we will look at the popularity of online knife forums, their individual web rankings & memberships, range of topics and their targeted audience.

Knife websites are also growing and we will look at different knife and collector sites, their targeted audience and their individual web rankings. 

You may be thinking about either establishing an online web presence, or increasing your visibility, or simply developing a website to share your interests and collection and we will talk about that too.

This series will focus on two main areas: Forums and Knife Websites, their target message, their target audience and their web rankings by search engines. Secondly, we will focus on providing collectors practical tools for establishing and or increasing their online presence.

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Audio Interview Series- Custom Knife Collectors Association’s Kevin Jones

CNJ brings you the first knife show on the web with its Audio Interview Series with key individuals in the knife industry. Our guest in today’s exclusive interview is Mr. Kevin Jones, one of the founders of the Custom Knife Collectors Association.

If you are interested in one-of-a-kind handmade knives then I believe you will find today’s show interesting and informative. The CKCA is an international collector association made up of custom collectors and knifemakers.

In today’s show you will sit in with me as we discuss the CKCA, the programs and benefits it offers to custom collectors, challenges faced to custom knives, resources for collectors, suggestions for individuals interested in customs and much more.


The buffering time of the show varies depending on your connection speed. Typically it takes around 10- 15 seconds before it begins, so please be patient as it loads.″


Custom Knife Collectors Association 

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UK Officials on alert for Wasp Knife in Prisons

As reported in the Telegraph recently, British officials are now on the alert for the existence of a plot to smuggle the “Wasp” knife into their prison system. 

The Prison Service said: “Security procedures are dynamic and intelligence-led, and every establishment is made aware of the potential risk to security.”

As introduced in various monthly knife magazines earlier this year , The WASP Injection Knife injects a freezing cold ball of compressed gas, about the size of a basketball, at 800psi nearly instantly.

This is an American-made knife and the company’s website states: “The effects of the compressed gas freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection.”

For you who haven’t seen the Watermelon vs. The Wasp video on youtube, here it is.  

Model shown: WASP A/12-N w/ Max Adapter Kit and a Tapered Red Disposable Handle 

Personally, I would rather just be shot than frozen and exploded with this knife, but from a collector’s point of view the handles do come in different colors.

In case you are wondering, this knife is marketed to Special Op’s Troops (Land and Sea), Downed Pilots, Survival kits, SWAT members and Security Guards.

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On the Cutting Edge

Case's MySpace Page

Talk about cutting edge, the W R Case Cutlery Company is on it. No one can say this firm is resting on its traditional advertising or ways they have always done things. No sir, this firm is out there leading the way by using new mediums to reach new customers.

Case in point, is their recent launch of their MySpace presence. If you aren’t familiar with this social networking site, don’t feel bad. While wildly popular among younger folks, MySpace and Facebook are now starting to go mainstream. As the web continues to mature, cutlery companies must change their ways to adapt to new electronic mediums and kudos to Case for getting out of their box. 


W R Case Cutlery Company MySpace Page

MySpace Demographics are now showing half their visitors are 35 years of age or older.

I quickly put up a sample MySpace Page that is more similar to the pages most individuals have- Scott King MySpace Page. Come on and join. We’ll start a knife collectors group, of course.

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Audio Interview Series Feedback

Your comments and emails about the first episode of the Audio Interview Series have been overwhelmingly positive for this new addition to CNJ.

The first episode is averaging over 100 views a day, which is excellent, especially considering CNJ is new site. Thank you for your support for what we are doing here.

Additionally, the individuals invited on the show have supported us very well. In fact, we are batting 100%. So far, every person asked to come on the show has agreed. There are a number of guest scheduled to be interviewed over the next several weeks. The Audio Interview Series is planned to be a regular part of CNJ. 

Got a question you want asked?

For the show to continue to be a success, I need your help. First, periodically, I will release a preview of the guest scheduled for the most immediate shows and if you have a question you want asked simply indicate the guest and your question in the feedback area below. 

Who would you like to see interviewed?

Also, if you know an individual of interest who will appeal to the CNJ audience I want to know this too. As a reminder our areas of interest are: All things related to knives, cutlery history, knife making, knife sales, knife manufacturing, knife collecting- I think you get the idea.

The scheduled guests for the next several shows include:

  • Tom Arrowsmith- President of W R Case Cutlery Company
  • Tony Bose- Knifemaker
  • Gil Hibben- President of The Knifemaker’s Guild
  • Byran Sanders- Founder of All About Pocket Knives
  • Doug Ritter- Chairman of Knife Rights Inc.
  • Don Hanson III- Knifemaker

So, here’s your chance to get your question in. Then, if you have a suggestion for a guest for the show, please let me know that too.

Thank you for your interest and support for Cutlery News Journal.

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Custom Jumbo Swellcenter

Over the last month knifemaker Jeff Claiborne has provided us with a photo journal of a knife he was making. It is finished now and probably on its way to its new owner as we speak.

While I don’t normally keep up with knives as they are being made, this one is one of my personal favorites and since we are “fair and balanced” here at CNJ (meaning we like all “things that go cut”– to borrow a phrase from our good friends at the Oregon Knife Collectors Association– regardless of whether they are old or new), I thought you would appreciate the beauty of this work of art.

Needless to say, if you know anything about me, you know elephant toenails are my all time favorite vintage pattern. I promise to keep 99% of my toenail writings limited to our sister site, but just couldn’t resist sharing this one with you.

Platts Style Jumbo Swellcenter Toenail

Platts Style Jumbo Swellcenter Toenail

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CNJ Special Feature- From the Lighter Side

Episode 01-  “No doubt I have the most.”

From the lighter side

From the lighter side

Sometimes we can allow life to get a tad bit on the serious side like when this past week the turbulence in the financial system caused us to stop and take inventory of things we oftentimes take for granted.

In an effort to lighten things up a bit, CNJ is launching From the Lighter Side. It is a humorous perspective on collecting.

“No doubt, I have the Most” is a look at how sometimes we inadvertently become collectors of things we really don’t want.

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Legends of Knifemaking Auction 40 Results


Clip point Bowie

Clip point Bowie

Carved Ivory handled Skinner

Carved Ivory handled Skinner

CNJ reported on a major custom knife auction– The Legends of Knifemaking- Auction 40. This auction was conducted by Bruce Voyles and is now history. 

 In total 179 custom knives were sold through this auction for a total sale of $125,000, including the 13% buyers premium. 

Two knives made by Bill Moran sold the the highest prices. The Carved Ivory handled upsweep skinner sold for the highest price in the auction- $7500. The second was a super Clip point Bowie for $7000. The other results are linked here for you-  


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