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Do you like to write? Do you have an interest in collecting or knife related topics? Have you ever thought about starting a blog, like this one, where you can share your writings with those who will most appreciate and benefit from them? And yet maybe you held off because you recognized the challenges of building one from scratch and then trying to promote it.

No doubt, the most difficult aspect of starting anything on the web is traffic- eyeballs, to use geek-speak- getting folks to know you are there and what you are doing. Well, what if I told you I know a place where the hard part is already all done. The blogging platform is in place and ready, and more importantly, the readers are waiting to enjoy your posts.

Take a few minutes and allow me to introduce the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Early American cutlery manufacturing from England’s perspective

sheffieldsteelamericaSheffield Steel And America- A century of commercial and technological interdependence 1830- 1930, by Geoffrey Tweedale.

If you enjoy learning about the early cutlery days, then here is a book you should add to your library, plus it is written by a Sheffield cutlery history expert.

I wanted this book because it discusses American cutlery history- from England’s perspective.

You will find the early steel and cutlery industries go hand in hand. Sheffield never considered the US cutlery manufacturers a threat until it was too late and by then our knife companies had captured the US market. This was about the same time America’s steel output, and quality, rivaled Sheffield’s. The combination of lack of demand for Sheffield’s cutlery and steel by America devastated Sheffield’s economy at that time as we were their largest customer for both.

Mr. Tweedale is a Sheffield cutlery expert and author of The Sheffield Knife Book. I was pointed to him a couple of years ago while researching a C & X Lockwood Brothers elephant toenail in my collection.

Don’t expect this book to be a riveting page turner, like a John Grisham novel, but it is a BUY recommendation for students of early American cutlery history.

Publisher’s overview and table of contents.

Top Stories of Cutlery News Journal for 2008

topstories320x240It’s that time of year. Time to recap the top stories for 2008. 

The top story rankings were determined by the number of times each story was viewed.

Thank you for your support and participation. I hope you enjoy the stories this new year too! Happy New Year!

Knife Forum of the Year

Audio Interview Series- Perry Miller NKCA President

CNJ Interview with YouTube’s Cutlerylover

A Thanksgiving Treat- More knives than you can shake a stick at

CNJ Audio Interview Series- Tom Arrowsmith of W R Case Cutlery Company

CNJ Audio Interview Series- Custom Knife Maker Mr. Tony Bose

Editorial- Speaking My Mind

OK, OK, I am finally getting an EDC

Where is the new generation of knife collectors?

Introduction to Great Eastern Cutlery’s Knife Patterns

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Collecting- A Psychological Perspective

Weekend Edition



Have you ever thought about why you are a collector?

You know the- why you collect, where your passion comes from, and how you felt when you found, and bought, the last addition to your collection? 

I know, men don’t typically like introspection one bit, but check this out-


Some years ago I was looking for books on collecting. I wanted to find information on collectors and why they collect what they do. Sounds like exciting reading doesn’t it?

Well I found COLLECTING: AN UNRULY PASSION-Psychological Perspectives by Werner Muensterberger. It was exactly what I was looking for, or so I thought.



Instead of me writing a review about what I think the author is saying, allow me to use this shrink’s own words-  

“Collectors themselves- dedicated, serious, infatuated, beset- cannot explain or understand this often all-consuming drive, nor can they call a halt to their habit. Many are aware of a chronic restiveness that can be curbed only by more finds or yet another acquisition.”

Then he closes out the first chapter with- 

“I have followed the trail of these emotional conditions in the life histories of many collectors. They reveal the need of the phallic-narcissistic personality. They like to pose or make a spectacle of their possessions. But one soon realizes that these possessions, regardless of their value or significance, are but stand-ins for themselves.

One more quote-

“And while they (Collectors) use their objects for inner security and outer applause, their deep inner function is to screen off self doubt and unassimilated memories.”

Talk about DEPRESSING!!  This Muensterberger guy must have been someone who was outbid at the last minute on eBay (a victim of being sniped). If this dude had called me I would have told him upfront that I was nuts and saved him a lifetime of studying to figure it out.

Anyone here interested in joining the Knife Collectors Anonymous?

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Knives 2009 & 1000 Pictures of Fantastic Knives

knives2009If you haven’t ordered you a copy of the 29th Annual Knives 2009, better get your order in now. It will make a great stocking stuffer (for a really big stocking, that is).

It is just what the doctor ordered to occupy your time while the in-laws and out-laws have taken over your house for the holidays. I plan to sit right there in the middle of all the action and escape to the world of handmade knives.

Not being a hardcore custom knife collector matters not when it comes to enjoying this glossy highly pictorial knife directory. 

Knives 2009 features trends from the world of custom knives, State of the Art and Factory Trends. Don’t assume it is filled with only high-art knives, cause it isn’t. There are tons of custom vintage knives (fixed blades and folders) as well, including my all time favorite by Bill Ruple- a three bladed elephant toenail! All in all Knives 2009 contains over 300 pages. 

This year’s edition includes some interesting articles and high-impact knife photos followed by about a third of the book being a comprehensive directory of all the folks related to custom knives.

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