Interview with Tom Marino- George Schrade fan and Push Button Knife Collector

Collector Tom Marino holding a New York Knife Co. display knife

Met a new collector friend at Parkers Show near Gatlinburg, Tn on Friday. As I roamed the isles, I passed Tom Marino’s table and couldn’t help but notice this huge New York Knife Co. display knife featured front and center. It was etched “Hammer Brand” and had bails on both ends so it could be hung.

Tom is a member of the Northeast Cutlery Collector Association and sets up at shows throughout the eastern-half of the country. As I admired his NYKC display knife, we got to talking. He is a huge George Schrade and Push Button Knife fan. The minute he started telling me about them, I recognized his passion immediately and pulled out my iPhone to record all the nuggets.

Allow me to introduce Tom Marino, as he shares his passion for the Push Button Knife and George Schrade, its inventor.

This interview is posted at the CutleryNewsJournal YouTube Channel.

Meet Master Caricature Carver- Mr. Allen Goodman

I love it when I meet someone with a passion for knives and using them in their hobby. You know it when you meet one of these people cause you can see the twinkle in their eyes as they describe their knife related area or craft.

Had the opportunity recently to meet a 20 year master craftsman whose use of knives is integral to his bringing wood to life.

Meet Allen Goodman at his YouTube Channel.‘s interview with this master caricature carver.


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Meet Knife World’s Editor Mark Zalesky

Mark Zalesky

Mark Zalesky

Knife people are nice people, that’s what I have found. Knives are fun, yes, they are, but the people we are associated with while playing knives make it all the more fun.

Mark Zalesky, editor of Knife World, is one of these fun people. Extremely quick wit, great sense of humor, vast knowledge of knife history, love for the hobby. Sometimes a bit hard-headed, but a great guy and someone I count as a friend- knives or not. I love his editorials- Irons in the Fire. He can get fired up there every now and then too.

Recently, David Anthony, author of Tidioute- A Town With An Edge, interviewed Mark and agreed to share it with Cutlery News Journal for us to enjoy. If you know Mark you can actually hear his voice in his quotes, if you don’t, then you will by the time the interview wraps- up.

Mark's early favorites- MSA Safety Hunter

Mark's early favorites- MSA Safety Hunter

Rather than attempt to rewrite it and re-publish its images (some great knife shots included), I elected to post it as an attachment- PDF format. I hope you enjoy getting to know Mark. He’s a great guy and a Cutlery Hall of Famer, if there is such an organization. If not, he should be the first inductee.

Thanks David for providing this sit down with Mark, as well as your passion for our hobby!

Zalesky Interview PDF

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Meet a master whittler

The art of whittling is fading.

In days gone-by, whittling was very much a part of everyday life. Cowboys whittled around the campfire. Old men whittled while out front of the corner store. Whittling was a skill taught to Boy Scouts. Knife companies sponsored whittling contests and produced “How to Whittle” pamphlets to keep folks scraping wood with their knives. There were even whittling classes taught after the Great Depression- government sponsored classes. And as a part of the pubic works program, the gov actually paid folks to whittle.

In case, you missed how we got to this point, over the last few weeks we have looked specifically at how times have changed and how boys (and adults) no longer whittle as a hobby or pastime. Now there are other recreations used to entertain and occupy our time. Then we talked about boys not carrying pocket knives like they used to.

Donald Mertz

Donald Mertz

With this as the backdrop, I’m excited to report I met a professional whittler. The minute I met him I knew I had to record our encounter. His name is Donald Mertz- He is a master whittler. Listen in on my conversation with Don about his life and his craft.

How long have you been whittling?

Ever since childhood, I am sixty seven now, so at least sixty years.”

Is there a difference between whittling and carving? If so, how would you describe them.

“Whittling is the art of shaping a hand held piece of wood in one hand and a knife in the other removing wood chips in a slicing action. It could be as simple as drawing the knife blade in a slicing action down the length of a piece of wood to create a thin, curling shaving the entire length of the wood. (more…)

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