My Favorite Knife Video Contest is Closed

youtubeThe entries are in. I have to check the fax machine at our office to see if any others came in late yesterday afternoon or last night, but otherwise, the contest is closed.

Here’s what happens now- Next week the judges will render their decision and the winners will be announced here, as well as contacted via email. Then, I’ll interview of the top winners and introduce them to us.

Thanks to Jeff Smith for producing his YouTube video promoting the contest. Over 5700 views for that vid! The National Knife Collectors Association promoted the contest to all its members- Thanks Lisa! The NKCA will be giving one year memberships as part of the awards too.

More to come next week as we announce the winners.

Knife Shows are Fun

Weekend Edition


Parker’s Knife Show Sevierville, Tennessee

In last week’s post, we concluded Knife Shows are the lifeblood of our hobby, and the longer we collect, the more enjoyment we receive from the people who like knives as much as we do. The knives are good too, but without other folks it wouldn’t be much fun- now would it?

Well as promised, I attended Parker’s Knife Show in Sevierville, Tennessee and captured the essence and characters of the show.

By “characters” here I’m not meaning that these people are “actors,” though they do play their parts, instead I mean they are “interesting and amusing individuals”- as in real characters!

If you have been around collecting for very long, you will know many of these folks, and will agree, boy are they characters. The knives are pretty cool too.

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A Thanksgiving Treat- More knives than you can shake a stick at

nkcalogoWant to take a trip without having to leave the farm? Better yet, how about getting to tour the National Knife Museum on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day?

Well, that is just what I had in mind for you today. If you haven’t been, then get ready. If you have, then unless you had your iPod playing, you haven’t been on this tour.

I think this sums it up fairly well- A fast paced highlight tour of the National Knife Collectors Association’s National Knife Museum in Sevierville, Tennessee. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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