Countdown on the Knife Forum of the Year poll

Your participation has been phenomenal. This popular vote poll engaged knife folks all over the world to support their favorite forum. Knife talk is alive and well, in deed.  In fact, over 6900 votes have been counted so far, as of 6:45 AM Saturday, Nov. 15th.

I realized there were  international forums when the poll was designed originally, but I thought overall the language barrier would prevent participation. I was dead wrong. I’ll share my observations and the various groups who voted once the poll closes.

I recognize this contest could have been based upon a number of factors, but I chose popularity. It easily could have been- the most visually attractive (Iron Pitt would have won hands down), or the most posts/threads, the most diversified range of topics, on and on. There are a lot of great places on the web knife folks gather.

I will be closing the poll this coming Wednesday, Nov. 18th at 12:00 AM ET, so if you have members who haven’t voted there is still time.