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If you are a regular reader of the Cutlery News Journal, you know we are the first exclusively Web-based knife news source. One of our central topics is knife Web-news, all about knives, collectors and the industry taking place on the web.

While CNJ is not a Web-technology site, the context of many of our stories is how to use the Web and all is has to offer, as a collector. These articles are written so as not to get too technical or overly geeky.


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New CNJ Series- Knife Collecting and Technology

Over the next several weeks, CNJ will be publishing a new series on Knife Collecting and Technology. All collectors have benefited from the technological advances, as has knife collecting as a hobby.

This new series will focus on a number of related topics from how we have been impacted, how you can establish a web presence; the different online resources available; how to further increase your relationships; determine what your goals for your online presence, and much more.

In addition we will look at the popularity of online knife forums, their individual web rankings & memberships, range of topics and their targeted audience.

Knife websites are also growing and we will look at different knife and collector sites, their targeted audience and their individual web rankings. 

You may be thinking about either establishing an online web presence, or increasing your visibility, or simply developing a website to share your interests and collection and we will talk about that too.

This series will focus on two main areas: Forums and Knife Websites, their target message, their target audience and their web rankings by search engines. Secondly, we will focus on providing collectors practical tools for establishing and or increasing their online presence.

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On the Cutting Edge

Case's MySpace Page

Talk about cutting edge, the W R Case Cutlery Company is on it. No one can say this firm is resting on its traditional advertising or ways they have always done things. No sir, this firm is out there leading the way by using new mediums to reach new customers.

Case in point, is their recent launch of their MySpace presence. If you aren’t familiar with this social networking site, don’t feel bad. While wildly popular among younger folks, MySpace and Facebook are now starting to go mainstream. As the web continues to mature, cutlery companies must change their ways to adapt to new electronic mediums and kudos to Case for getting out of their box. 


W R Case Cutlery Company MySpace Page

MySpace Demographics are now showing half their visitors are 35 years of age or older.

I quickly put up a sample MySpace Page that is more similar to the pages most individuals have- Scott King MySpace Page. Come on and join. We’ll start a knife collectors group, of course.

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Age of Information Acceleration

In today’s world of information overload, our ability to pick and choose the information we want is being made easier each day. From bookmarking our favorite websites to RSS Feeders (news aggregators), we now have new tools to help us control the flow of the news and information we want.

One of my goals here at CNJ is to make accessing and obtaining knife news easy and real time, as much as you want it to be.

Over the next few days I will be developing a news article schedule. Again, to help you pick and choose the knife topics most interesting to you. This schedule will enable you to know when those articles of interest will be published.

Many of you have subscribed to CNJ via your favorite news feeder providing you real time updates on news articles as they are published; others “simply pick up the latest edition” of CNJ on each visit.

Either way, allow me to commit to you CNJ will be a high priority and I will publish news several times a week- while not quite a daily, CNJ won’t be limited to a weekly publication either.

While I do travel extensively, wonderful advances in technology affords me the ability to post most anytime anywhere. You are now reading this post I wrote with a new feature on my iPhone allowing me to provide updates and post without having to have my MacBook Pro with me. I am out of town and between meetings writing this from my car. And you thought I didn’t have a real job, did you? 🙂

Thanks for your interest in CNJ and this new effort to provide collectors with fresh and interesting cutlery news.

Scott King

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