Confession is good for the soul: I am an auctionholic

Weekend Edition (continued)

OK, it won’t be easy, but I’ll start our group session today. My name is Scott King and I am an auctionholic.

I just can’t help myself

When I get around an auction and hear the rhythm of the auctioneer’s chant something happens (like what happens to the hulk… except I don’t turn green and bulk up…instead, I just start raising my hand).

dadandmeActually, it is a genetic thing. I grew up going to auctions. I remember when I was 10 years old standing up on the podium with my father while he was auctioning. Yes, my father was an auctioneer, as was his father, and as was his father. It is an understatement to simply say auctions are in my blood. If I’m not involved with putting on the auction, then I have to buy something.

So, all the way back to 1915 and for 4 generations (Yes, I’m an auctioneer too, as is my brother and younger sister) we have been auctioneers.

Last Friday’s Knife Auction

Last Friday evening I posted I was going to Bruce Voyles’ Knife Auction.voylesauction Yeah, I knew better than to go. I had already determined there was nothing I was interested in, but what else did I have to do while out of town on a Friday night? Plus, I was so busy at the knife show playing CNJ I hadn’t bought anything.

How many times have you gone to a knife auction and ended up starting a new collection? Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but like I said when I go to an auction I have to buy something. Well, something I did buy.

To save you from the lot by lot, increment by increment (auctioneer’s lingo) description, I started off by buying a broken Marbles Folding Hunter…don’t ask why, but it was the beginning of me falling off the wagon. Mark Zalesky just rolled his eyes at me when he saw I was the high bidder on the MSA.

Now that I was off the wagon

Then I proceeded to start a folding hunter collection. In the story: How do you go about deciding to buy a knife? I had unsuccessfully tried to impulsively buy a half dozen of them earlier this month.

I guess impulse is a good word for what happened to this auctionholic, cause once I was off the wagon, I won the high bid for the Napanoch, Cattaraugus, Kabar, New York Knife Co., and Robeson folding hunters (well that is not entirely true cause I was out of the room when the Napanoch and Robeson were sold, so I had to buy them after the auction off of the guy who had bought them)…..yeah, but they are really cool and old and have great bone handles

So, what about you? Confession is good for the soul.

The topic at our next group session will be eBay auctions. 🙂

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Knife Shows are Fun

Weekend Edition


Parker’s Knife Show Sevierville, Tennessee

In last week’s post, we concluded Knife Shows are the lifeblood of our hobby, and the longer we collect, the more enjoyment we receive from the people who like knives as much as we do. The knives are good too, but without other folks it wouldn’t be much fun- now would it?

Well as promised, I attended Parker’s Knife Show in Sevierville, Tennessee and captured the essence and characters of the show.

By “characters” here I’m not meaning that these people are “actors,” though they do play their parts, instead I mean they are “interesting and amusing individuals”- as in real characters!

If you have been around collecting for very long, you will know many of these folks, and will agree, boy are they characters. The knives are pretty cool too.

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A Thanksgiving Treat- More knives than you can shake a stick at

nkcalogoWant to take a trip without having to leave the farm? Better yet, how about getting to tour the National Knife Museum on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day?

Well, that is just what I had in mind for you today. If you haven’t been, then get ready. If you have, then unless you had your iPod playing, you haven’t been on this tour.

I think this sums it up fairly well- A fast paced highlight tour of the National Knife Collectors Association’s National Knife Museum in Sevierville, Tennessee. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Knives 2009 & 1000 Pictures of Fantastic Knives

knives2009If you haven’t ordered you a copy of the 29th Annual Knives 2009, better get your order in now. It will make a great stocking stuffer (for a really big stocking, that is).

It is just what the doctor ordered to occupy your time while the in-laws and out-laws have taken over your house for the holidays. I plan to sit right there in the middle of all the action and escape to the world of handmade knives.

Not being a hardcore custom knife collector matters not when it comes to enjoying this glossy highly pictorial knife directory. 

Knives 2009 features trends from the world of custom knives, State of the Art and Factory Trends. Don’t assume it is filled with only high-art knives, cause it isn’t. There are tons of custom vintage knives (fixed blades and folders) as well, including my all time favorite by Bill Ruple- a three bladed elephant toenail! All in all Knives 2009 contains over 300 pages. 

This year’s edition includes some interesting articles and high-impact knife photos followed by about a third of the book being a comprehensive directory of all the folks related to custom knives.

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Introduction to Great Eastern Cutlery’s Knife Patterns


GEC Cuban Cigar Stockman

GEC Cuban Cigar Stockman

While at Parker’s Knife Show this past weekend, I had a chance to chat with Ryan Daniels, Sales Manager of Great Eastern Cutlery of Titusville, Pa. They produce high quality knives from vintage patterns and he takes a minute to share a few of their knives with us. 

Great Eastern specializes in collectible and premium pocket, hunting and kitchen knives. Their brands include Tidioute Cutlery, Northfield Un-X-LD and Great Eastern Cutlery.

Ryan invited us to come up and tour their factory in Titusville. When you are up in their area, give him a call and see their knives made first-hand.

Knife Weekend Recap

Weekend Edition

Parker's Show Nov. 2008

Parker's Knife Show Nov. 2008

If you have been following CNJ the last few days, you know I have been at Parker’s Knife Show. 

I was able to spend Wednesday through mid-day Saturday “playing” with knives (that is the way my wife looks at it anyway).

I made my rounds and talked with lots of folks about a wide range of knife related topics.

Had my first opportunity to tour the National Knife Collectors Associaton’s Knife Museum while I was there too. Got some good footage of the museum I’ll be adding to the CNJ YouTube Channel later this week. If you haven’t toured the museum yet, you gotta go. 

From my conversations the Knife Show attendance and dealer sales did very well, despite the down economy. Lower gas prices helped the turnout and all the tables were sold and packed with dealers displaying their knives.

I’ll work up my findings and some additional observations for posting this week.

Don’t you just love Knife Auctions?

gavelGuess where I am going here in a few minutes? A knife auction. Yeap, you know everybody loves auctions- they are fun, plus there may be some deals to be had (on a knives you wouldn’t have bought otherwise. Isn’t that the way it usually goes?). 

Tonight Bruce Voyles is conducting a 1000 knife auction held in conjunction with Parker’s Knife Show. It is going to be interesting to see what today’s market prices are. The knives are going to be sold at Absolute Auction- without any minimum bids or reserves. Therefore, market value will be demonstrated in real time.

I’ll report the results in the CNJ Weekend Edition, plus I’ll summarize my observations of Parker’s Show.

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Best Knife Forum on the Web Winner


Winner of the 2008 Best Knife Forum on the Web

Winner of the 2008 Best Knife Forum on the Web

I am pleased to announce Jerzee Devil the winner of the Best Knife Forum on the Web for 2008.

This contest was an international field and the lead changed hands several times over the last few weeks. Congratulations to Jerzee Devil!

Out of the 25,214 total votes cast, the Jerzee Devil forum rallied their members to get behind the contest and in the end they prevailed.

Second place goes to Armasblancas, a Spanish speaking custom knife forum. They also did an superb job of activating their members to vote and in the end this forum was only 4% behind the Jerzee Devils.

Third place was BritishBlades

Fourth place was

Fifth place was AllAboutPocketKnives

Both Jerzee Devil and Armasblancas very effectively rallied their members to support their forums…really it was very impressive.

Please drop by and congratulate Jerzee Devil as the the Best Knife Forum on the World Wide Web for 2008!

Thank you for participating in our contest. Remember for all your knife and industry news in a fresh and interesting format stay with Cutlery News Journal.

Knife Shows are the lifeblood of Knife Collecting


nkcashowdaltonga1One of the best parts of knife collecting is going to the shows, but I have to tell you, I used to not feel this way. Instead, I thought shows were just a remnant of the old days (old timers swapping knives among themselves) and that their days were numbered. 

The first time I went to a show I drove 3.5 hours one way. I made my way up and down the rows and then was ready to go- partly a result of my personality (Type A- Task Oriented), but the other was I didn’t know any of the guys behind the table.

Then I began to meet knife folks and now I realize why knife shows are so important. Knife shows are for the people- on a personal level. Knife Shows fill the need of the social side of our hobby. It’s kinda like a reunion, of sorts, and in a way it isn’t really about the knives at all.

As much of a fan of the Internet (and knife forums) as I am, nothing substitutes for the one-on-one fellowship knife shows provide. Now instead of thinking they are leftovers from an era gone by, I now realize knife shows are the lifeblood of the hobby.

It wouldn’t be much fun, or very rewarding, if we just sat behind our computers buying knives without being able to see and experience the real heart of our hobby. Knife Shows are every bit as much a part of our hobby as the knives.

Today I am headed to Parker’s Show in Sevierville, Tennessee. If you come look me up. I’ll be the guy walking around with a video camera & recorder capturing the essence and characters of the show.

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Online Knife Collector & Industry News Sources



Geek Rated: Moderate

We reported earlier why CNJ is different than the typical knife places on the web. As you can see CNJ’s format and stories are more like a publication than a “website.” 

As many of you know, CNJ is technically a weblog, or blog for short. Blogs aren’t new to the web, but are to the knife industry.

Aside from there being very few blogs exclusive to the knife industry and collecting, we learned from the recent CNJ poll about 5% of the voters indicated going to blogs (compared with 28% going to Knife Forums and 18% going to YouTube). 

Really those results don’t surprise me at this point in the development of online knife resources.


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