Guess what I got for Christmas!


Christmas 2008- Stag Case Brothers Toenail

Christmas 2008- Stag Case Brothers Toenail

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What is your motivator?

Have you ever thought about why you scan through tons of knives on eBay til your eyes burn, why you drive hours to a knife show, or why you spend your hard-earned money on what you do?

I have. And here is what I learned.- The heart and soul of my motivation is one old knife.

It is this one knife that drives my interest in the history of the early American cutlery companies, my appreciation for other old knives, my desire to identify and learn to use computer resources, my desire to produce CNJ, and provides the springboard for the bond I have with collectors and users- of all types of knives.

In fact, this one knife is the motivator behind everything I do that is in anyway knife related. Sounds pretty significant doesn’t it? 

And they don’t call it The Jumbo for nothing-

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How do you decide to buy a knife for your collection?

Weekend Edition 

I am convinced now our subconscious has a mind of its own and makes us act on our wants. 

I have a story to tell you about a recent knife purchasing decision. It is on the CNJ YouTube Channel. Here is the link directly to it.

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