Is giving a knife bad luck?

Folklore, wives’ tales, myths and legends- some of us find them fascinating, while others dismiss them as bunk.

What about you? Do you throw salt over your shoulder when it’s spilled? How about- do you say, “God Bless You” when someone sneezes? Do you walk around the ladder? Do you ever- knock on wood? Or, think twice about getting out of bed on Friday, the 13th? OK then, what about feeling lucky when you find a horse shoe?

Did you know there is a superstition about giving knives?

Yes, let’s just call this bit of folklore- “Bad Luck.”

In a nutshell it goes like this- when you give a knife- you better also exchange something that can be considered a form of payment at the time of the gift, otherwise, the relationship of the giver and recipient will be severed.

You say you don’t buy it and think all these superstitions are a bunch of bunk? OK, no prob. Each is entitled to his own opinion on whether there is any truth to them or not.

But don’t forget to kiss your loved one at midnight this New Year’s Eve… wouldn’t you hate to miss out if this one is true?

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