YOU’RE FIRED-The heads of the knife companies might be next


Stop the presses.

Can you believe what is going on right now in Washington?

If you can believe it or not, the current administration fired the CEO of one of the Fortune 500 companies today. Doesn’t it feel like we are in the Twilight zone or what?

Unreal things are going on. First we had the congress wanting to put a salary cap on what a business can pay its executives. Then we had the government taking the bonuses back that were paid pursuant to a contract between a company and its employees. On Monday, we witnessed a CEO being taking out by direct government interference. There is no way a bunch of bureaucrats can do a better job than the private sector. No Way!

Unbelievable. I can’t sit back and quietly watch this happen. Before it is over, we’ll be told which of the government run businesses we have to work for, or worse our kids will.

All I can say is this- Arrowsmith watch your back. Now that we have the administration removing folks who are running businesses, no one is secure. Heck, before we know it we’ll be having to ask the government to be able to buy a pocketknife from a government controlled knife company, that is assuming they don’t shut them down totally.

Do I really have to give up some of my knives?


We are now going to participate in this “spread the wealth” philosophy that is popular right now. Even though I worked very hard to amass my collection, I guess I am OK having someone else take some of mine, provided I can get some from someone else…

I am wondering, on the other hand, if maybe I should just quit buying. Then I will be entitled to more from someone else who has even more. I just don’t want to be the guy with what could be considered a large collection right now.

BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN- I just got word from a well informed inside source that within the next two weeks we will all be told how to inventory our “knives” in order to report to the Feds. Each person will then be told how many, and which, knives to turn in so they can be redistributed.

Rats… I was hoping we would be able to comply with this new IRS rule by simply giving up a few of our knives to each other at the next knife show. Then we could have met in the cover of dark and gave them back.

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