Christmas Catalogs- Do you remember?

SearsCatalogChristmasWishbookDo you remember Christmas shopping from the Sears catalog?

Even though it dates me to say- I do. This was back before shopping malls and decades before online-shopping.

I loved grabbing the Wish Book- the 800 pound “Christmas Catalog”- a marker and then jumping up in my chair to pick out what I wanted for Christmas. Mom told me to circle different things I’d like for Santa to bring me- so mark I did. I wanted that BB Gun, those Hot Wheels, that pair of pajamas, that Rock Tumbler (I was into rocks- I collected them as you know), on and on I would go- for pages. Didn’t know anything about prices or my limit. I just happily complied with my Mom’s instruction.  Then I’d proudly hand it all marked-up back to her.

You may say to yourself about now,  “Scott, where’s this trip down memory lane coming from, especially when it’s only the  beginning of October.” OK, I’ll tell you. Today, I received a Christmas catalog in the mail. I tossed it on my desk without a lot of thought. Later when I sat down at my desk the catalog caught my eye. At that moment I experienced a rush of memories from my childhood. No it wasn’t the Sears Wish Book that caused my flashback- Sears stopped them years ago- instead it was the Christmas catalog from Smoky Mountain Knife Works.

Yes, a knife catalog. Don’t ask me why, but this inch thick, 172 page catalog did the trick. Good to think of my Mom again also. Thanks Kevin Pipes– you made my day. I might just circle a few knives in it before I’m through too.

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