What is Cutlery News Journal all about?

Your support for Cutlery News Journal is much appreciated. The number of first time visitors continues to climb confirming the fact that folks are seeking web-based knife news and related information, and yet don’t want to totally rely on talk forums to get it.

As discussed in About CNJ, our mission here is much broader than simply writing about knives, history and makers. CNJ is a web-based publication and, therefore, will also cover web and Internet related topics of interest to knife collectors. For example, it will cover topics related to knife websites, including their online rankings; website and forum reviews; hot topics; “how to’s” for those interested in launching their first knife website or increasing their website’s visibility, etc.. 

To make is easier for you to see where CNJ is headed, below is a mind map of the scope of topics.        Click on the map to enlarge it.







Clearly CNJ is breaking new ground for a “knife site.” And most certainly over the next several months we will add additional topics. 

Thanks for your support and participation here at CNJ. Keep the feedback coming! If you like what we are doing, tell others, if you don’t, let me know your suggestions.

Scott King

September 28, 2008


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