How would you gauge a knife’s popularity?

Weekend Edition


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If we were to set out to gather statistical data on a national basis to determine the popularity of a knife or pattern, where would we begin?

First off, we’d need to identify and then gather certain indicators, wouldn’t we?

Well, wouldn’t it depend on whether the knife is a current production and available in retail outlets, or not? If it is, then we could gather this year’s sales volume number as an indicator. OK, but what if it is an old knife? It wouldn’t be an easy task.

Now let’s throw in that we want to compare its current popularity to say,  4 or 5 years ago? 

What if, through web technology, we could actually track interest in certain knives and patterns?

It’s not often I’ll post the same report’s findings at both CNJ and The findings here are of particular interest to collectors of the Elephant Toenail knife, and yet, from a hobby, knife industry and technology perspective, this info has broader implications.

It is entitled The Growing Popularity of the Elephant Toenail Knife. If you are into knife collecting trends and the benefits technology offers to the knife industry, then I think you’ll find this report interesting.