Another set of knives scheduled for auction

gavelEarlier this week I learned of a sale you may want to check out. Greg Martin Auctions is conducting the sale the last of March. This firm handles antique firearms, edged weapons and the like. Included as part of one of their auctiona is a few dozen knives, swords and daggers. They have a general brochure up on the sale download it.

This firm sold a historic Colt Single Action Army Revolver Serial No. 1- called the “Peacemaker” for $862,500 in Jan of this year. How’s that for a collectible?

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New Collectible Auction Sites Abound


If you have been following the saga with eBay lately, you are aware some of the changes it made last year angered a lot of sellers, then they shut down eBay Live Auctions. 

eBay Live allowed auction houses to advertise and run their auctions in “real time.” Not only did they get traffic and bidders on eBay, it added an Internet-bidding component to their real-life auctions. 

We follow eBay closely here at CNJ because it is the largest auctioneer of knives. At the time of this writing, there are over 74,500 listing under “knife.”

With eBay angering their seller base and then shutting down of eBay Live Auctions, newly formed online auctioneers are jumping in to grab some of the market. 

  • LiveAuctioneers issued a press release announcing its plans to launch an independent online-bidding platform.
  • Ableauctions ( partnered with the National Auctioneers Association to provide the service to the NAA’s membership of 6000 auctioneers nationally. Their joint venture is called NAALive.
  •  reportedly offered more than 500,000 items from 1,450-plus dealers in 27 countries and logs more than 1 million visits and thousands of transactions each month. GoAntiques was recently purchased by WorthPoint.  
  • announced this week a newly designed collectors site emphasizing social networking, member profiles and news from the collector world. It has also integrated GoAntiques into its platform.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see F+W Media try to carve out a niche in the knife auction business through Blade with this online auction platform.