The cutting job determines the blade

rq10_fullWe tend to think of blades as being pointed. In many cases, we use the pointed tip to start the cut. There are times though a pointed tip isn’t what is needed. Like on an electric razor, for example, it has round heads with blades and no pointed tips, and these blades cut just fine.


It is the cutting job that determines the blade needed.   

One really big cutter-

270041531This gigantic blade weights in at a 100 tons. It is 22 feet in diameter with 44 rotating discs.

It is currently being put on a tunnel-boring machine in New York City. The City is extending the No. 7 subway line.

The cutter head will be mounted on a machine to cut a 7,100 foot tunnel. Actually there are two machines and two tunnels will be drilled.

Talk about a mother of a cutter.


Source: The New York Times’ article by Sewell Chan

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