Open Letter From eBay to their Sellers & the Internet Sales Tax

Here is an open letter I received from eBay on the Internet Sales Tax

Tell Congress, “No New Net Taxes”

Internet Sales Taxes- Your costs go up. Your buyer’s costs go up. You are required to comply with the same tax laws as the nation’s largest retailers. This scenario could soon become a reality.

The sales tax laws governing today’s Internet and catalog retailers are simple: If you sell something to a person living in your state, you collect sales tax. If that customer doesn’t live in your state, you don’t collect the tax. However, a number of state governments and the biggest retail giants in America are planning an aggressive lobbying campaign to change the law. They want to require small retailers to operate like the biggest retail chains, collecting taxes everywhere.

We all know times are tough and state governments are looking for more tax money. Likewise, big retailers see an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by imposing new costs and higher prices on their smallest competitors. Luckily, the tax ground-rules can’t be changed without congressional action. There’s still time to stand up and be counted. If you think adding a new tax burden on small Internet retailers is a bad idea, now is the time to make your voice heard. Click here to send a letter to your U.S. Representative and Senators today.”


My take is this: Raising taxes, whether on Internet Sales, or to “reduce the deficit,” that has seemingly become a high priority within the last week, is pure economic suicide right now.

The gov. is trying to get folks to spend money to kick start the economy. It is trying to raise consumer confidence. So, is it a good idea for the gov. to then take the taxpayers’ money-  including the money the gov. is “giving” back to the taxpayers through the so-called stimulus package? Sounds to me like we’re playing the “guess which hand?” game. They hope the taxpayers might eventually get confused enough to actually think it really is the gov’s money that is being taken back anyway….

Maybe one day I’ll tell you how I really feel about this mess we’re in. 


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