Knife is Good!

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We have a really good conversation going.  Lynsie Johnson, one of our members, added a thought provoking topic for discussion- “Do you feel that a knife is like a tattoo?” While the topic might be viewed a little “different” for a “knife forum” topic- it is stirring some really good discussion.

You know how conversations go- much like following a road- they follow the original thought for a bit then turn to the left and right, all the while still following the road, but maybe veered off topic, just a little.

life-is-goodAnd while the original discussion was how picking a knife is like trying to pick a tattoo. Tattoo’s come in every shape and size, depending upon personal preference- just like knives. Well, we got off on getting a knife tattoo, somehow. Then in the middle of that discussion, Keelen Grimm, another iKC member, suggested he’d get a KNIFE IS GOOD tattoo- taking off on the LIFE IS GOOD phenomenon sweeping the county.

I have to admit that while KNIFE IS GOOD is Keelen’s original brain child, I really like it! It would have made a great slogan for the  National Knife Collectors Association, but NOT!

With Keelen’s permission we’ll adopt it for ours here at iKnifeCollector. Now I just need to get a graphic artist to create us a logo for it.

Ten reasons why KNIFE IS GOOD!

1. Knives are FUN!

2. Knife people are nice people!

3. It’s fun to hang with knife people!

4. Knives connect people!

5. People are one of the very few meanings of life!

6. Knives provide us an outlet for creativity!

7. Knives keep us off the street (and in front of my computer)!

8. Knives provide us a better way to spend our money- better than on debauchery, wild trips, fast cars, or plastic surgery!

9. Old knives provide us a window to the past and a hint of the future!

10. Knives are FUN! (or did I say that already?)

Care to add to the list- go ahead- what Knife is Good reason do you have?

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Audio Interview Series- Perry Miller NKCA President

CNJ brings you the first knife show on the web with its Audio Interview Series with key individuals in the knife industry. Our guest in today’s exclusive interview is Mr. Perry Miller, the President of the National Knife Collectors Association. 

If you are new to knives and have yet to join the National Knife Collectors Association, please give it serious consideration. As you will hear, the NKCA is working hard on developing additional resources for collectors of all types of knives- custom, tactical, old and new pocketknives, including hosting Knife Shows nationally, in addition to the opening of its the new museum in Sevierville, Tenn. 

In today’s show you will sit in with me while we discuss Perry’s early collecting days; his vision for the NCKA; challenges faced by the NKCA; new programs and resources for collectors; counterfeit knives; the changes in knife collecting as a result of the Web and eBay; suggestions for new collectors; and much more.  

The buffering time of the show varies depending on your connection speed. Typically it takes around 10 seconds before it begins, so please be patient as it loads.″
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