Are layaways for knives next?


The December 15th edition of Antique Week featured a story that caught my eye. It was on selling 0n layaway to increase sales.

If you aren’t familiar, it is a way of extending credit to a shopper. The buyer makes a deposit and then makes “payments” until the items is fully paid for, then the item can be taken home.

I decided to look around and was surprised by the number of stories are about retailers using this tool now to help generate revenues.

Current headlines

The use of layaway dates back to the early 1920s as a way to help folks make purchases when they didn’t have the cash to buy outright.


Harry Rinker, recognized expert in collectibles, had this to say in his article. Layaway- Is it an answer to surviving in the current economic climate?– 

“Layaway has played an integral role in the antiques and collectibles business since its inception over a century ago. While most sellers do not advertise its availability, it is deeply entrenched, more than most realize.”

What about layaway knife sales?

So, this leads us to the question of knife sales. Are we likely to see sellers and dealers begin to use this sales tool? The point of it is to help keep sales moving.

My guess is they will.

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