Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. But you can’t sell that here!

Don’t you love America? Our country provides the ability to pursue our dreams, live relatively unencumbered by the demands and restrictions place on us by  neighbors and fellow citizens, and we can pursue jobs, lifestyles and even hobbies we want here. Want to take a vacation- subject to your understanding with your employer- you can strike a trot and to anywhere you want to go. Coast to coast.

webeknivessfYou can even start a business if you want. The purest symbol of the American Dream, and yet, there is one obstacle you will immediately run head on into if you do- and that is WHERE YOU PUT IT. All across this great land of ours entrepreneurs are restricted in the location of their own business by what is called “Zoning Ordinances.”

It’s just a cute little knife shop

Let’s say you want to open a neighborhood knife shop. That little knife shop can only be located where it is allowed. The good news is though theses restrictions are determined by the local municipality, either city or, in some cases, the country (or Parish). So at least you can have an active voice in laws that are enacted based on you community’s needs and desires- in theory, and in the case of businesses, this includes where they can locate.

I’m concerned there is coming a day real soon when businesses that sell “dangerous” items will have increased restrictions- to the point to where they can’t be located where the customers are.


Hold on there- you can’t sell that here

If you think I’m reaching here, consider this- right now we have the Federal Government (not city or county, mind you) preparing to lord it over us by requiring businesses to stop selling or limiting FOOD to their customers.

cover.phpA newly released Government Report calls for unprecedented actions by our local government to put a restriction on businesses and in this case, it pertains not to knives, but to “harmful fast foods.” I’m not kidding either.

“A newly released government report details strategies for local governments to combat what it calls an epidemic of childhood obesity, including enacting zoning and land-use regulations that would “restrict fast food establishments near school grounds and public playgrounds.”

The report is entitled: Local Government Actions to Prevent Childhood Obesity.

Don’t get me wrong, BUT…

I don’t want to get cynical here, BUT….well, let me first say, I’m all for healthy kids, and adults, for that matter,- BUT, I just wonder how many of our tax dollars went to study this. And second, seems to me to be one of the ways the Federal Gov. is going to try to enact national health care. As a business owner, I can understand, inflow and outflow of dollars. If I can cause folks to be healthier then less dollars will be spent, and yet, this is purely another example of an ever growing pervasiveness of Federal Government control.

Tell me knives (and guns) don’t potentially offer a more dangerous “threat” to society than what we choose to eat- so, Bass Pro Shop, Outdoor World, Wal-Mart, local hardware stores- all had better watch out. We all know they sell items that can be potentially dangerous too. If the gov can strong arm our local governments to restrict fast food locations (or what they can sell) don’t think they won’t other businesses too.

So, in the end, it is very important for us to make our voices heard and to soak in the “Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” while we still can.

This is an editorial and the opinions expressed by the writer are not necessarily the opinions of Cutlery News Journal 🙂

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