Man would still be dead if not for a pocketknife carrying doctor

Stan and Jaci Wisniewski. Stan is the oldest living cardiac arrest survivor. (Eric Reed/Pasadena Star-News Staff Photographer)

Fascinating story about one, Stan Wisniewski. On Dec. 10th, 1954, he died and yet, last week he celebrated his 55th anniversary- of his second life.

And all because a doctor had an EDC.

The Pasadena Star-News reports Stan died of cardiac arrest while in a hospital’s X- ray room at the age of 24. Dr. David Brown was called in and quickly realized he had nothing to lose, so he opened Stan up with his pocketknife and cut out two ribs to start internal massage and the rest is history.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t give at least a few seconds thought to what happened back in 1954, ” Wisniewki said. “You’re here today and you’re gone tomorrow.” 

…I wonder if it was a Case XX (1940- 1964).

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Pocket knife credited for saving man’s life

090211024524_truck_unstuckMaple Grove, Minn- Last week a driver who fell through the ice credits his pocket knife for helping save his life.

David Gangelhoff was delivering a truck load of sand across the Fish Lake which usually is 2 feet thick when his truck hit a patch of thin ice causing his truck to sink like a rock with him inside.

Once his cab filled with water David was able to swim out of his open window, but once he reached the surface he had to use the knife to pull up from the water.

Video story from Fox 9 clearly points to knife saving his life.

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