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Cutlery News Journal is here whenever you want it. Day or night- 24/7.

Reading habits are interesting. Some of you hit the site early everyday with your first cup of java. Some of you check it during the day. I know others who work nights and check it then. Many of these folks dart in for the lead story and then dart back out.

Others come once or twice a week and spend time checking out the latest stories. Yet, others come once or twice a month reading it more like a monthly magazine- clicking different categories and related articles- following links deep into web.

While many of you have been with CNJ from its beginning, new readers are visiting daily and have yet to establish their reading pattern.

For you who have just joined us, allow me to provide a little introduction.

CNJ is a virtual library of knife collector articles and news- all easily searched by keyword, tag, category and date.

Take a quick second and scroll up and down the homepage. Notice the ride side as you do. CNJ’s functions are located there. For example, at the top of the homepage you will find the search field. The keyword search works just like Google. Enter any word and all articles are displayed with that keyword in it. Try it.

The tags are the odd looking, different sized, words all bunched together. Click on any one and all articles tagged with that word are found. Every article is also filed under one of the categories listed down the right side of the homepage. All articles are filed by month too. Plus, the actual calendar allows you to search by day of the month, if you are so inclined.

No digging through boxes for past editions

No digging in boxes for past editions of CNJ

Right now there are already 182 published articles- over 100,000 words, 517 tags and 59 categories– all archived and easily searchable.

And, we’ve only just begun to make collector news. Imagine 5  years from now!

Interestingly, none of the traditional knife magazines offer an online archive of past editions. Wouldn’t you love to search back through the last twenty years of Knife World, for example? I know I would.

Thanks for taking the time to check out CNJ. If you like what CNJ is all about- tell others. If you don’t and have suggestions- tell me.

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