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kniferightsorgKnife Rights News Slice eBLAST – October 1, 2009


“On September 16th Knife Rights participated in a lobby day on Capitol Hill, along with representatives of the American Knife and Tool Institute, the NRA and the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation.  Representing Knife Rights were Doug Ritter, Pete Brownell and Jason Kunkler (from While it was an exhausting, and at times frustrating, experience, it was clearly beneficial that House Committee and Member staff heard from us why it was so important to retain the Senate Amendment 1447 in the final Homeland Security Appropriations bill. I am confident that had we not made this effort, we might not succeed in the end.

As for that, we are all still waiting.  We remain cautiously optimistic, but it isn’t a done deal by any means.


Sometimes just having a knife in your pocket will get you in trouble

….when you aren’t supposed to and then are dumb enough to brag about it.

arrestYeah, we all do dumb things sometimes, but even when we don’t- we have to be careful nowadays.

Yesterday, a student made mention to someone he had a pocket knife, and he was overheard. This guy obviously, I’m guessing, wasn’t supposed to have his EDC.

Now he is having the book thrown at him- he was arrested on multiple counts and may end up getting kicked out of school, permanently. I’m not for breaking rules and there are consequences to our actions, BUT, or is it, AND we all make mistakes- even dumb ones sometimes.

The Director of the school declared to the Lynn Daily Item, “I am zero-tolerance. If you want to have something like that in here you are going to be out the door.”

The worse part, as I read it, is the student had it in his pocket, but then he made a second mistake by telling somebody, third- dumb thing- he said it loud enough he was overhead.

Jailed UK Man Promises to Give Up Knife Collecting

As reported in the Edinburgh Evening News, a man serving a 6 month term for carrying a knife, now promises to give up his hobby of knife collecting.

Many of the knives and swords in his collection were handed down from his grandfather. The attorney for the man is quoted as saying- “I think this experience (of being put in jail) will result in him no longer collecting knives.”

When he was arrested a witness had seen the knife’s handle sticking out of a bag he was carrying at the time. He has just bought the kukri shortly before being arrested.

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