Knife Collection Saved From House Fire

homefireThis past weekend fire destroyed a home in Twin Peaks, California. Cause of fire is unknown, however it was believed to have been a broken fuel line.

This story has as happy an ending as it could considering the home was completely destroyed- but all 5 lives and a knife collection survived.


Take away- Insure your collection in case you have to help one of your family members instead of grabbing your knife collection.


Stories like this send a shiver down my spine. As a collector of antique knives, I can’t help but think that every year knives are destroyed and/or lost resulting in fewer and fewer in circulation.

Photo by G.T. Houts, Story reported in

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Is your knife collection insured?


Weekend Edition

Being broken into is no laughing matter. We have all heard nightmare stories of knife collections being stolen, either from the collector’s home or car.

I know the last thing folks want to pay for is more insurance, but if you were to need it- you’ll wish you had it. And, while I am not an insurance expert, I know that most homeowner’s policies do not cover valuables unless they are within the limits, or are scheduled in the policy, and even then probably won’t cover the knives when off the property.

Here’s what I found that may be helpful-

And while this information was taken from the insurance company I use, I encourage you to check it out for yourself.  There are firms out there that specialize in collectibles.

Insurance is one of those things- if you don’t need it, it seemed like a waste, but if you did, you were glad you had it.

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