Relaxing Sunday afternoon playing knives

Yes, it was a beautiful day yesterday. Fall in the air, leaves changing colors, just right temp- what a day to chill-out. Relax. Enjoy some R & R.

So, what did I do with the day? I spent it playing knives, of course. Yes, I played knives from around 1:00 til 10:00 PM (except for an off and on break to go outside and stand by the fireplace).

The odd thing to most of you is I never touched a single knife.

Instead, I created a multi-media presentation about the Elephant Toenail knife and its history. I know. Call me crazy. But I had a blast. Found knife and cutlery company pics and scans in the deep recesses of my external hard drive I had totally forgotten about.

Had tons of windows up and apps running. I love it! Now to me that is fun and relaxing.

Picture 6

Just a playing and a playing- knife playing, that is.

…and when I finish the ET presentation- I’ll be sure to load on YouTube. I think you’ll like it!

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Sound advice from an old knife collector

Knives can talk and when you hear them, it will cost you more than you could have bargained for.


Victim of hearing knife talk

That’s what an old timer told me years ago. I now know this to be true too and not just some tall tale.

Here’s most frequently how it happens-

Let’s say you are walking up and down the isles at a knife show when you hear your name called out. You are startled at first cause you realize you don’t know anyone there. But you turn to the direction of the voice anyway.

Looking around you don’t see anyone paying you any notice, so thinking your mind is playing tricks, you start to turn back only to glance down. There you see a knife shimmering in this guy’s display. Instantly the room darkens and a narrow beam of light shines on that one knife. And at the same time that knife calls your name again.

Yes, it was the knife that spoke your name. It talked.

You’re star struck. Hypnotized. Mesmerized. It now has you under its spell. Unfortunately for you, the dealer who owns that knife recognizes your bedazzlement immediately. He’s seen it thousands of times before.

Right then you lost before you even opened your mouth.

You can act nonchalant, but you ain’t got a chance. Even if you are a professional negotiator- too bad- you’ve already lost. Might as well keep from embarrassing yourself and pay the dealer his price.

Next time you are around knives and hear your name called- RUN!….. Or it will cost you more than you could have bargained for. I know.

If there is any doubt about the effects of knife talk-

I can attest knives talk. I remember very clearly. I’d been actively collecting for several years at that point and the funny thing is this time I wasn’t even at a knife show, or looking at a knife- in person. Some voices are strong enough to get you without you actually seeing them- a picture will do.

WARNING: I’m going to recreate the situation for you right here, but I must say- the very same thing may happen to you, so continue at your own risk. I can’t be held responsible. You might want to consider plugging your ears.

If you think you can handle it, then click “MORE” and you will probably hear its voice too. For your sake, and mine, I hope you don’t. If you do, it will change your life forever- it did mine.