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CNJ Knife Rights Beat

CNJ Knife Rights Beat

With all the world attention the UK has received lately for their absurd knife control laws, and manipulation of  knife crime stats, folks are going bonkers.

We tend to think of people as being reasonable, level-headed and rational, right? Well, then how about this comment to a story about knife crime in the UK on blog.

“Knife control!!! We need Knife control. Register all knives. Have an 18 day waiting period to purchase knives. We can not allow normal humans to obtain, own or use knives. It is a travesty. Ban all knives like we do guns. Knives kill people. Sue the knife manufacturers for making knives that kill. Sounds absurd doesn’t it. Just like gun control. Need crime control. Life in prison or more death penalties for murderers.”

Kind of gives you the willies, doesn’t it? These folks are out there and they are crazy!

As I read through the comments to this blog post, it reminded me- we have to be active about protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights, otherwise, we will be gun-less, knife-less and having to use sticks and rocks to protect our families.

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