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We reported earlier why CNJ is different than the typical knife places on the web. As you can see CNJ’s format and stories are more like a publication than a “website.” 

As many of you know, CNJ is technically a weblog, or blog for short. Blogs aren’t new to the web, but are to the knife industry.

Aside from there being very few blogs exclusive to the knife industry and collecting, we learned from the recent CNJ poll about 5% of the voters indicated going to blogs (compared with 28% going to Knife Forums and 18% going to YouTube). 

Really those results don’t surprise me at this point in the development of online knife resources.


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Cutlery News Journal is not your typical knife website


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Websites come in a variety of flavors nowadays. As we look around we see those with little dancing bears, with tons of flashing pictures, and even those with intro movies.

Cutlery News Journal is a media platform of knife news and this is why its looks different than most websites. It was designed to be straightforward. I wanted it to be easy to read, and in the case of the Audio Interview Series- listen to, and easy to find the knife news you are interested in. 

Why does CNJ look different than a typical website?

Actually, CNJ is not a typical website, though technically it is a website. Instead, it is what is called a weblog, or blog, for short. Blogs are, for the most part, mainstream today (77% of active internet users read blogs), but even still there are very few knife blogs. (About the only active knife related blogs you will find are Corporate Blogs- those associated with a knife company, media or knife store).

So, what’s the difference?

One of the primary differences between a blog and a website is how the “information” is presented. Instead of a homepage that stays the same day after day, CNJ’s “homepage” is more like a newspaper in that it changes with each new story, or post. Moreover, as a new post is published, it is located right up at the top of the page- then the other stories are displayed in chronological order.

Speaking of newspapers, did you know 95% of the top 100 US newspapers have reporter blogs? It is true. News sources are going online. Another interesting stat is over 900,000 posts are written to blogs everyday. (The folks who write on blogs are called bloggers, in case you are ever asked).

If the blogging phenomena interest you then here is latest report by Technorati on The State of The Blogosphere.

CNJ’s archiving ability is far superior to that of the Dewey Decimal System

Please don’t ask me to try to explain the Dewey Decimal System, because I can’t, although I do remember it from grade school. But think about it, over a year’s time, the quantity of stories/articles posted here at CNJ will number into the hundreds, therefore, it is critical this information can be easily accessed. Well, that is where the CNJ media platform shows its real muscle.

Next up in the Getting to Know CNJ Series: Finding topics you are interested in.

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