We know about the run on guns, now what about knives?

Prior to the recent presidential election we witnessed a run on guns and ammo. Actually, the increased demand for guns is still going on, as we reported here on CNJ. Now, with hyper-attention on our government’s attempt to ban knives of all sorts, is there a reason to stockpile our favorite EDC’s?

It is difficult to sort out fact from fear pertaining to the gun scare, for example. We witnessed the same when Clinton was elected- in fact, I am the proud owner of two prized possessions (hand and semi-auto) as a direct result of the anticipated move by the gov then. We see the same taking place, but the difference now is our knives are also the target.

The extreme left positioned sitting prez sees the time is now to stop all weapons used in crimes- all to appease the liberal left. The “love not war” crowd. The “let’s not govern ourselves, individually- cause we can’t- so let’s let our Gov do it to for us”- crowd.

So, where does all this leave us? Should be be stockpiling our favorite EDC’s, not to mention survival/tactical knives, in case we need to defend ourselves- knowing one day all we will have access to could be the infamous miniature red Swiss Army Knives?

Yes, it will be at the risk of being branded as militants- a part of hard core, anti-gov crowd, but do we do it anyway, or do we trust the folks in Congress to do the right thing and stand for the will of the people and fight this to the end?

Well, what if the will of the people is to restrict knives further and Congress actually supports further restrictions and knife bans? Have you thought about that? If this happens, then where does that then leave us?

3000 knives destroyed

What if back 100 years ago the federal government outlawed knives and then began a wave of sting operations to round them up from its citizens. If this were to have happened, we probably wouldn’t have any, or many, vintage knives left to collect.

knives2-474-300x254Tackling Knives Action Programme is an intensive, cross-government action to reduce knife crimes in the UK, and yet, it is picking up knives of all types, except kitchen cutlery. Among its focus is carrying out home visits (interpretation: home raids) to locate knives.

The official gov site is proud of:

“Since it began, police have conducted more than 150,000 stop and searches and seized 3,000 knives, according to provisional Government figures. Cautioning (warnings) across the country is down and use of custody and tough community sentences is up. In London alone, over 90% of people caught with a knife are being charged.”

The progress report of this operation further states they have “tested” 1300 shops to see if they would sell knives to the under-aged. Exactly what I anticipated in my post on why the third largest retailer in the UK quit selling knives.

abuseJust so there is no misunderstanding here, I am against knife crime, but I am also against folks breaking little kid’s hearts with verbal abuse, but I don’t see anyone’s tongue getting cut out.

And what about folks getting killed by automobiles and cars aren’t against the law, yet, except for black ones, in California anyway.

eBay Bans Knife Sales

ebayeBay says it will ban all knife sales, except table cutlery, on its UK and Ireland websites.

eBay’s ban is in response to the BBC ‘s Watchdog purchase of illegal knives on two of its sites. eBay is currently the largest auctioneer of knives.

The knives were purchased by this group from US sellers.

One of the knives purchased

One of the illegal knives purchased

eBay said they had security measures in place to make sure only legal knives are offered by UK and Irish sellers on these sites, however, they have concluded the only way to control sellers from outside those two countries was to ban all knife sales from their UK and Ireland sites.

“Safety is our number one priority and we recognise we need to do more to protect our members. Therefore, we are reviewing our position with regards to the sale of all knives on eBay, including those currently permitted by law,” said the eBay spokesman.


 BBC’s Watchdog Video Report on Illegal Knife Sales on eBay

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