Has buying a hunting knife gotten too complicated?

life_getting_complicatedOver Thanksgiving my brother asked me what hunting knife he should buy. He said wanted a folder- that will stay sharp and one that dress a deer.

My nephew, who is a major hunter, overheard the question and jumped in telling him Benchmade makes a good knife. 

Later that night, I sent him a link to the Benchmade website thinking that would do the job. Then the next night I get this email from him-

“Man I am lost!!!!!

Thanks for the site. I do not understand all of the lingo. Do you see a knife around $100-200 that has a “lock blade” and should take and hold a good edge? I will just use it to gut deer but do want a folding blade???

So, I headed to Benchmade. Good grief. I can’t tell from the specs which one is good for gutting a deer or not- either. I don’t hunt. I don’t fish. I just collect old knives.

But being the industrious guy that I am, I thought… I don’t know anything about hunting knives (other than antique folding hunters, which I actually thought about giving him one, but quickly decided not to).

I knew a guy to ask though so I shot him an email. 

Need some advice. 

My brother is looking for a good hunting knife. Someone recommended Benchmade. He went to the website and couldn’t decipher the lingo. Any recommendation? He is an avid deer hunter.

Then I get back a reply talking about coated verses uncoated (or is it non-coated?) blades, the different types of steel and curves of the blade and I thought-

“Wow, I just wanted a knife to tell my brother to buy. He isn’t technical and would just take my recommendation and go buy it.”

…and I still don’t have an answer for him.

Is it possible we have made buying a hunting (or any other) knife too complicated for the non-technical knife buyer? 

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