Just the knife for hard yard work

hori-hori-knifeFound me the ultimate manly man’s yard knife.

It is called the Hori Hori Knife (click to see video). Made in either stainless steel or carbon.

They are made to pry out weeds, dig up rocks, cut roots, saw small branches, plant bulbs, bust up Alabama red clay and fun stuff like that. Plus, it has a measurement marking so I can measure things, I guess.

Word has it they originated in Japan back long ago as a tool to pry up Bonsai trees.

hori-horiIt’s just right for those hot summer days when I have weeds to pull, roots to cut or want to edge my driveway- by hand.

I know you think I’m joking about this knife- well maybe a little bit, but I did order me one last night.

Next up in the series on yard knives- the dibber. This one is kinda cool too, isn’t it?